Instantconstruction guide HOI4

Another great cheat which you could use frequently is cheat to instant construction also known as instant build. Today I will show you how to use this cheat properly because this cheat also affects AI so you must use it properly.

How instantconstruction cheat works?

This cheat is working on enable/disable style so before you want to have benefits you have to type it in the command line. And when you’re done, turn it off again (don’t forget it).


When you see that instant constructions ENABLED you must close command land and after that every construction command will be executed as soon as you enter it. Tasks that are in the queue will not be executed immediately. I therefore recommend to cancel them and re-enter them.

If you see this then instantconstructions works properly

If you will use this command very often then you could use just ic and this could speedup enabling and disabling cheat.

Bad information which I have for you is that this command doesn’t work on: factory conversion, railroad construction and supply hub construction. So still is good have some civilian factories which you could use on construction these buildings which aren’t allowed by cheat or for repairs which also this cheat doesn’t count.

Instant construction vs AI

Use it with caution this cheat also works on AI so if you forget it enabled. Then AI could work instant like you. So this will be good for you (you could instant build) but AI will instant construct too which should leads to problems because the AI will be strong. So you must use instantconstruction just in paused game. This way the AI shouldn’t have a chance to use it and only you will gain the advantage.

When you could use instantconstruction cheat?

Instant build cheat could be good in early phases of game when you need to boost your production

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