Farthest Frontier: How to earn gold?

Gold is the most important currency we have at Farthest Frontier. You can use it to buy things in the shop or to fund your defense/units – so you always need to have enough of it, and optimally you want to earn more than you pay.

The ways to get gold quickly and easily are as follows:

  • market
  • trading
  • upgrading households
  • pub

Together we will show all the paths below. But remember one thing – you want to combine all paths because if you don’t have enough gold you won’t be able to trade much or you may not have enough defenders. In short, without gold, you can lose quickly.


You can build a market as early as level I. It is something I recommend you to build first and optimally in the vicinity of residential buildings, because the market has a positive effect on the desirability

… once you build the market you should have a gold profit of around 6 – 10 gold, but it depends on how skillfully you place it. The market is the building you will build right at the beginning, so once you build this building you can also place the first defense tower that will defend your small settlement. Build another market only if you have houses that the current market does not cover.


Another easy way is the trading post, which opens in the second level. Every year you will get two traders to trade with. As soon as the traders come to you, see if one is selling something the other is buying at a higher price. If you see something like that, you can immediately switch money between them > they won’t tell themselves…

… the other way is to produce luxury goods and sell them. It’s definitely something you want to actively do. Once you have a surplus of something (and now I mean like trees) then prepare it in a trading post for possible quick sale to traders.

Upgrading houses

If you build a shelter, you won’t get any money from your residents, but if you manage to upgrade the shelter to a homestead, taxes will flow from the houses. Upgrading to homestead is not easy and will take some work on your part, but I believe you can do it…

as you can see the homestead brings me 11 gold

… this income is important and you want to work on it and track it. But actually, home improvement is one of the goals of this game. So if you go in that direction, you’re going to get more gold, and you want that.


I have noticed that even the “pub” itself should earn you some gold if you have beer in it and your people go there to get “drunk”. But I suppose this way is not entirely good, because more beer => more drunks => more problems. So build one pub, but there’s no need for more 😉

Minimizes expenses

Make sure you control your spending. You can do this by going to the gold tab under which you can see where you are getting gold from and where you are losing it. Make sure the number below is always green, as this will mean you are gaining more than you are losing.

How to find out how much you earn and how much you sell

If the number is orange/red you know that you are losing gold. You don’t want that and then look at what the red expenses are and try to minimize those. Yes, there are opinions that it would make sense to work it out a bit better, but for now, the developers are having more problems, so hopefully, this will improve over time.

And yes, I’ll end with a simple piece of advice and that is to work on your defense. Don’t let the raiders rob you unnecessarily – because then your efforts will be thrown out the window.

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