Declaration of war in HOI4

If you use cheats in Hearts of Iron IV, you probably want to try the “declare war” command to speed up your game progress. Unfortunately, there isn’t specific command for declaring war but rather two commands which can help you.

First command allowdiplo allows you to use all diplomatic plays and it doesn’t matter what you can or can’t do. Also, there is instant_wargoal that makes all war goals instant. So you don’t need to wait 45 – 180 – 360 days to start war after declaring war goals. These commands can be combined to declare war.

allowdiplo command

Command for declaring war:
Allows all diplomatic plays like declaring war.
Alternatively: adiplo or nocb

After clicking on declare war button, it is important to disable this command. It is because these commands also affects AI, so every diplomatic opportunity opens up not just to you, but also to the AI. So in my case, if I use this command and declare war, then I disable this command.

allowdiplo isn’t just about declaring war. This command allows you all diplomatic plays, so you could create fractions, you could call alliances to war, send volunteers and do more diplomatic actions.

instant_wargoal command

Command for instant wargoal setup:
War goal will be available instantly

This command can eliminate the time you wait. However, you must meet other conditions to declare war. So for the recapitulation instant_wargoal allows you to get the war goal and attack faster. But if you need to start war in HOI4 immediately, you must use allowdiplo.

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