Good seeds in Farthest Frontier

When generating a new map, a “seed” is obtained from the settings, i.e. a random number from which the map is created. Simply put, this means that a game with the same seed will generate the same map. By that, you can play the same map with your friends and compare your results.

Actualized on 4.2.2023 – New map seeds which I like myself and would recommend were added on that day.

3B1648255CE – If you search for a challenge

This seed is truly challenging. Near spawn (but not that close) are two wolf caves and you may have to deal with complications soon. In addition, water cannot be found on this map so there is no option of fishing in the early phases and you must focus on farming or harvesting instead. Moreover, there are not enough minerals so you must import them by trading post.

0FD03624DBE – Difficult start and late game

This map is known for another challenging start because once again there is a wolf cave. In comparison with the first map, there are fishes and good fertility. One problem is that there are no minerals such as iron, stone and coal. Instead, there are medicinal roots that can provide a lot of money in the trading post. That means that the main challenge for you will be to trade raw materials in the late game.

0D8CBE24FCB – Great map for everyone

This map is awesome for anyone who plays Farthest Frontier. There are two sources of fish so you will get a lot of meals for your people. At the same time, fertility looks promising and trees are available. Compared to the two maps above, stone can be found here. Clay is there as well, so you can use pottery and sell it. If you can manage one small wolf cave, which you can avoid for a long time actually, you will be fine. I believe that this particular map offers both challenge and fun.

36E64D65663 – Nice plains

Another beautiful map for players who are searching for good seeds. On this map, you can find both fish and a lot of fertile land. According to that, a town in this location would be more of a farming town rather than anything else. Trees may be a minor challenge, as I don’t see large forests here (although one looms to the southwest). However, there are no minerals, so it will be really fun and also challenging to create a town that works. I definitely recommend giving it a try.

253E986516D – Mountains

This is the opposite map of the maps above. No fish can be found there, instead, there are two big mountains. With a high probability, you will have not enough meals to eat and so you must focus on hunting. Moreover, you have to buy fish and things you cannot find on the map instead. On the other side, it is compensated by the number of mineral resources, that can be mined and sold. The city (built on this seed) will be more industrial and it will be completely different from previous games.

29A72A66466 – One of my favorite

The next map I want to introduce to you is one of my favorites that I’m actively playing with right now (February 2023). This map has many resources (mainly provided by the forests and mountains around) in the form of fish and deer. The fertility is high, so I can focus on food and always have plenty of it. Overall, it is an excellently generated map for a successful city.

01123581321 – Fibonacci

The number 7 is unfortunately invalid with that number, so the resulting seed is 01123561321. At first glance, the map seems fertile. However, there is no lake available – at least in the base render I haven’t seen it yet. Below is one of the starting positions where are fertile lands on the left and a high mountain on the right. There are incredible amounts of rock and iron.

12318532110 – Inverse Fibonacci

A map endowed with a forest, where you have to choose the beginning well. As the picture below shows, it is full of forests and minerals. What might be a bit more of a challenge is that there is less fertile land on the map, but that can help a lot in decision-making in the end. There is a lake in the northwest, and medicinal plants in the northeast. Overall, it can be an interesting map.

8C212636099 – Lots of raw materials to extract

Another map where the start is very easy thanks to a lot of berries, willow and medicinal plants that can be collected practically immediately. Available are also trees and gold, clay and iron are visible at a glance. There might be a bit more wolf condensation (they are hiding in the west), but that can be easily solved once you have an army or build walls.

15FD3F0C691 – If you are looking for a true challenge

This map is promising in case you are looking for more challenges and an interesting late game. The map has a lot of minerals and little fertile land. That means that you will have to have a lot of efficient farming to survive, but again in the late game, you will have a lot of room to earn and play with mining. There is a large lake on the map, so you will have a lot of fish and probably only one wolf hatchery at first.

2122BC250FF – Watery map

Another map that I tried. There is plenty of fertile lands, plenty of trees and mineral resources. What’s perhaps a bit more of a challenge is the water. There’s a river to the north and a lake to the west. The map isn’t quite the biggest it can be and you must balance a lot with what you build and where. However, I would definitely give it a try.

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How to set a seed in Farthest Frontier?

(1) The first thing to do is to open advanced settings at the time you create a new map…

… then (2) fill in the top field with the seed which you chose or that you invented…

… then you should be able to start the game on that seed.

Will the seed always be the same map?

I’ve tried entering a few seeds for several times. The map is always similar, it contains the same locations, however, your spawn point may change slightly. Likewise when you click “restart map” it may not load the same spawn point as before. So don’t be scared.

How does seed generation work?

While browsing a Reddit focused on Farthest Frontier, I came across a post by u/pikester25 that focused on seeds and what goes into them. I would like to share with you the most interesting things this player found out about seeds.

Seeds from Farthest Frontier are in hexadecimal and 11 numbers long. The hexadecimal code can have values 0 to 9 and also A to F, so there can be a total of 16 different characters in each position. So unless my math is correct, 20,922,790,000,000 different maps can be played in Farthest Frontier.

According to the u/pikester25 findings, the seed reflects the individual settings you choose and also random positions. However, we are currently unsure of what exactly they do. Nevertheless, some positions are already clear today.

PositionWhat it hides
2 – 6Probably random
7Biome settings
8Mountains and hills
10Water / Valleys

As you can see, under the seventh number there are biomes. So far, it has been explored that below the values in the seventh position, there may be values that represent the following biomes:

2Lowland Lakes
3Alpine Valleys
4Arid Highlands
5Unknown (Wasteland?)
6Idyllic Valley
7 – FNot valid (does not work)
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