Soap guide for Farthest Frontier

Let’s take look on soap in Farthest Frontier. Soap fall under luxury items which are available in game. So they aren’t essential where you start. But when you have stabilized town. You must have some soap in your stockpiles / markets to distribute your settlers. In mine article we will look when is soap used and how to produce it.

Tips at start:

  • Increase happiness of your settlers.
  • Decrease potential of diseases (Smallpox or Bubonic Plague)
  • If you have resources and workers then create soap to stock.
  • If you have a lot of then you could sell it in Trading Post.

How produce soap in Farthest Frontier?

Soap is produced in Soap Shop which is available on second level of settlement.

Production on soap belongs on: FirewoodHerbs – Tallow

Formula of production is: 1 firewood – 1 herbs – 5 tallow => 5 soap

How looks soap shop in Farthest Frontier

In one soap shop could work 4 people. But this isn’t basic construction. So fill it with people to work when you have enough settlers. Soap isn’t essential so you could fill this building slowly.

Soap shop reduces desirability so put it somewhere outside the city. But close enough to the herb pickers. Soap has a shelf life of 60 months, so you have to keep using it.

Where is soap consumed in Farthest Frontier?

Soap is consumable for your population. So it is distributed by markets to your settlers. So if you have soap in your storage/markets then some settlers will take it to improve mood / hygiene.

Soap detail in Farthest Frontier

If you have a lot of soap then you could sell it on trading post. If you have enough population, you could full soap shop by workers and if you have enough tallow and herbs then you could produce a lot of soap.

So is easy to sell it. Good price to sell soap around 20 gold per one.

If you don’t have soap in your town then your citizens could have problems with diseases like Smallpox or Bubonic Plague so if you see that your citizens have problem with these diseases then you must focus on soap. If you don’t focus on solution then these diseases will expand in your whole city.

You could see that mine community has problems with small pox.
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