Defensive pact in Victoria 3

After trade agreement you could get another proposal. Now we will look on defensive pacts in Victoria 3. What does this pact offer you if someone stronger offers it to you, and when can you possibly use it to offer it to someone weaker?

What is defensive pact in Victoria 3?

  • Act of diplomatic plays which leads to defensive support.
  • The stronger side should help the weaker side in the attack.
  • Failure to comply could mean loss of prestige or other negative impacts.

Could I accept defensive pact?

Good question is if you could accept defensive pact. This pact will probably works in two ways. So you defend the country which offers your defense pact and in opposite the other country will defense you in case you will be attacked…

Defensive pact proposal in Victoria 3

… before you accept other defensive pact then you must look on relations which has the country which offers you defensive pact. Which countries are rivals and how strong is other country? If you make pact with stronger country than you and this country doesn’t have problems with other big countries then you have win-win situation.

On image above you could see that I play as Bohemia and Prussia (on north) break out trade agreement and Austria response with defensive pact proposal. So now I should look at where these two states stand. And where Austria stands with other neighbouring states. The important thing is to make sure that I don’t immediately start a war in which I have to be aggressive. But on the other hand, if Prussia prepares something against me, I may be well protected.

Notice: Some voices on twitter / reddit says that defensive pact doesn’t work properly. So be avare good defense partner isn’t mean win for you. Still you have focus on army and defense in case that your rival attacks you.

When use defensive pact in diplomatic plays?

Defensive pact could be used in your diplomatic plays if you play as strong country. You could offer backup that you’re not going to attack a country. You can play this as a bigger goal. When you stand behind a country when it’s about to be attacked. And then you have the power to form a custom union or alliance. Either way standing up for a weaker country can be a good excuse to provoke a war against an aggressor.

As far as the abolition of the defence pact is concerned, a “truce” will arise between the states for some time and relations will be dissolved. So be careful when and with whom you sign a pact.

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