End date of Hearts of Iron 4

In the past, 1949 was the definite end date for HOI4. However, the game has undergone appropriate changes. Back when the game was in its beginnings, players would reach the date of January 1st, 1949, and a screen with their score would appear. These days, it is, however, a little bit different and the fact is that you can go on. Find out how the end date actually works in our article!

Conditions of the end in HOI4

However, as easy it can seem, there is a catch. If you meet specific conditions for the end of HOI4, then the game will end and you will see the screen with stats from your last session.

Specific conditions of the end of HOI4:

  • If you conquer all the major powers
  • If there are no wars that include 3 or more major powers (Italy, Japan, US, UK or Soviet Union)
  • After you finish your last war (it triggers the end screen)

Nevertheless, this does not mean the definite end of the game (as I indicated above). You could just continue playing until you make your own ending. Someone can argue that the end depends on victory conditions but this is not so unambiguous.

The war should end when the major nations in the alliance have capitulated and you enter a peace conference OR until you beat the big nations. For most players, the peace treaty is never seen and it can be really hard to beat the game and get everyone to surrender in longer games – but I believe in you!

Why does HOI4 end in 1949?

From 1936 to 1949, this is the basic time frame HOI4 works with. The game covers the period of the Second World War and the war itself and that’s why the game ends in 1949. One game of HOI4 from 1936 to 1949 takes a long time and it can be around 50+ hours.

In case you are a player who wants to explore all aspects of the game, your time will be extended to over 940 hours. You can do this by trying more tactics and more diverse objectives, playing with different nations. You just need to be curious!

How can I extend the timeline of HOI4?

The good news is that the game can be stretched further. The only problem, however, may be the lack of content (especially national focuses and technologies). The other problem may be lagging, because of the huge armies that countries have. However, as I mentioned above, there is no end date for HOI4 and so you can hypothetically continue playing until 9999 but you won’t have research and nation tree to do.

There are some mods which should extend your timeline. One of most popular is Road to 56 which extends timeline to 1956 with more research, focus trees and actions. This mod is great because have extended all mayor focus trees except SSSR and USA.

One of screenshots from Road to 56 mod from workshop

Also there is popular mod Kaiserreich which extends LORE HOI4 about “direction” in which you should imagine what if Germany win 1st Word War. So there is also extended timeline to more alternate history.

In case you want to experiment with some mods, you can try Extended Timeline from Steam Workshop. This mod extends the playable time in vanilla HOI4 while still keeping the vanilla feeling.

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