End date of Victoria 3

Just like we talked about HOI4 and its end date, Victoria 3 has to end as well. And just like with HOI4, Victoria 3 begins with a single start date. In today’s article, we will look at when does it end and how to extend the game.

Conditions of the end in VIC 3

Compared to HOI4, Victoria 3 only ends with the final screen. Final statistics can be found right there. In case you are interested in specific conditions that precede the end, there are none. This is because  once the last date comes, the game has a clear ending.

What about the time frame in VIC 3?

Victoria 3 is no exception when we say that we are playing in a certain time frame. This “limitation” can be both a challenge and an encouragement to devise bold strategies and practices. The game includes most of the 19th century and some decades of the 20th, leading into the Second World War. Its starting point is on January 1, 1836 and it should end in 1936. The word “should” is used intentionally, because as it was indicated in the introduction the game can be extended.

How can I extend the timeline of VIC 3?

Although the game has been extended a lot after some DLC additions, its players still want to play more or even after the end of the base timeframe. Victoria 3 ends in 1936 and that’s the main story. However, the good news is that the existing game can be extended by mods OR you can continue with the change country option. With Victoria 3 there are no limits (except for the gradually declining content/events after 1936).

If you want to continue with a new country, click on Switch Country. In case you are searching for the right extending mod, you can try never ending from Steam Workshop

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