How elevate roads in Cities Skylines?

Bridges in Cities Skylines could helps you to optimalize your traffic in town. Bridges are good for cross rivers, other roads like highway or central lines of your layouts. And sooner or later you’re gonna run into them anyway.

How elevate road in Cities Skylines?

For elevating roads in Cities Skylines you must use page up or page down on your keyboard when you are trying building roads. On MacBook you could use fn + arrow up or fn + arrow down.

If is all successful then you will see something like this:

Elevated roads in CS

You will see that building elevating roads will cost you more money so. In early phases of game don’t overbuild elevated roads. You could use it for crossing highway but with more building bridges wait until you have enough money.

The maximum height is 5 steps if you go page up. Unfortunately, you can’t build any zones under the bridge, so if you want to bridge the residential zones, the buildings will be demolished. However, other special buildings you build in the city from landfills to fire stations to schools can be bridged depending on their height.

When you building up brigest

If you don’t go up and you use page down you could build roads underground. If you use default higgest steps there are three plane options in depth so you could make interchanges in underground.

You could build roads underground in Cities Skylines

Overall, by combining elevated and underground roads, you can build complex and sophisticated intersections to better manage traffic in your city.

Settings of elevation step

In road settings tool in first icon you could setup “elevation step” this elevation determine how big

Difference of steps in first elevation biggest vs middle steps. The first one doesn’t fit above the higway in the image. So working properly with this allows you using bridges creative.

Where are page up / page down buttons?

If you have keyboard with “classic” layout on your keyboard. The page up or page down are in middle part of your keyboard above the arrows.

Page up and Page down buttons on keyboard

What if I don’t have page up / page down buttons?

If you don’t have page up or page down buttons you could open settings and map keywords. For me I’ve mapped this buttons to other keyboard for playing on my MacBook. So in screenshot above are these keys changed.

In first rows of shared keymapping are important building selectors.

To change this settings in Cities Skylines you must:

  1. Open Options
  2. Open Keymapping
  3. Select category “shared”
  4. On the top are Build Elevation UP and Build Elevation DOWN
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