Farthest Frontier: Efective defense

Let’s talk about defense in Farthest Frontier. From time to time you will be attacked by a wild animal against which you must somehow defend yourself and your village can still handle it, but once you go attack 50 raiders so you may have a problem.

That’s why it is necessary to focus on defense from the beginning. Today I will show you how I deal with defense and give you some tips.

Lookout towers

The basic defense available in the game is the lookout tower. I recommend building it as soon as you build the market and get the first 20 gold. This is because it will cost you 10 gold to build and then 5 gold monthly maintenance.

With the lookout tower you can cover right from the start most of the center of your village and gradually as you expand (and you have more gold) so build more and more towers so that you have covered the whole city.

Lookout tower, which is inside the city.

The question is whether after you build the walls (see one of the parts below) it makes sense to have these towers inside the walls. However, I leave them built, and the reason is that I can never be sure that I can stop raiders in front of the walls, and internal defense is important.

Use the fence

As soon as you build a farming area with fields so it fence. In this case you are not primarily defending against wolves, bears or raids, as they can easily pass through the fence, but you are defending against wildlife. They may want to eat your crops and that is something you often can’t afford.

Fenced fields are the basic thing you want to do.

Below was a picture of one of my cities. Yes there were a few attacks on me from this side but before they passed through the farms I was able to mobilize my troops to the site and the defense was successful. What could have been done better is that I could have built a lookout tower in the northern part by the road.

Build the walls

Once you have enough logs, build the walls. I don’t do this every time as you can see, but what I do is that I leave at least 4 to 5 open spots between the fortifications and the first town road so that there is always room for the town to either expand or so that if someone attacks your town you can see where the hole is and where the raiders are.

I’ve seen some players build two layers of fortifications, but I haven’t quite seen the point of it yet. Alternatively, I would try to build something like the following…

 walls ___ three gaps ___ walls

… because you can build a lookout tower inside and theoretically you can also make gates in different places that will be connected by a path, which will slow down the way out of the city / into the city, but it will also slow down potential attackers and you will have more time to summon your army.

Remote outposts and their defense

I also build lookout towers in places where I have some smaller base with more houses. Below you can see a lookout tower near an iron mine and a resource collector. Whenever I build a more distant base I try to build a tower to protect that base as well.

If there is a raid coming from that direction there is a good chance that the lookout tower will take out some of the people attacking my village and we will have a better chance of surviving once the attackers move to the walls.

Above you can see that when the outpost is larger (4 to 8 buildings) so I try to build a fortification around it to make it really maximum endurance possible. I guess it could be built more efficiently >> smaller circle of walls. But even then, before the bandits get there, troops from the city will rush in.


I’ve come across this a few times above, but in addition to the lookout tower you’ll also need soldiers. You can recruit them in the barracks and one recruitment will cost you 25 gold and then you will pay 8 gold per soldier per month.

These soldiers you must then arm with weapons (you must make from iron or buy) and bows and then it will be your first line of defense, which you will have to summon as soon as you declare a raid on you so look from where the raid is coming at you and send your troops to the nearest tower to defend it.

What the barracks look like after a raid or when recruiting new people

At the same time when you go to raid so I recommend to click on the summoning bell in the town hall and summon all the people to the city center so the raiders don’t kill them. Alternatively, I recommend building two barracks on opposite sides of the city so that you always have troops everywhere and quickly available.

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