How to get Iron in Farthest Frontier?

Iron is already a more advanced resource that you can have in Farthest Frontier. It’s unlocked at level II of the Town Hall and can be used primarily to get advanced tools or to sell on the market. Let’s take a look at its journey from start to finish – how to get it and what to do with it – all in today’s article!

The key is to find a good iron ore deposit. Check the map carefully or explore the surrounding area to find a large deposit. Here I had a deposit next to town with 139 iron ore and that’s really small. There are bigger…

… deposits like the one in the picture below, where it is possible to find up to 11 673 iron ore and it will be worth to build a mine on the site, stretch the road and possibly fortify the whole place a little more. So the first tip is to make sure you build on the right deposit of iron.

Once you have already selected the place so also correctly place the mine and so that as much as possible matched the yellow hit with the gray deposit to have the opportunity to actually mine everything. If you have a multi deposit then it pays to build multiple mines at once, but otherwise I wouldn’t do it.

Well, once you have built an iron mine, you’re practically won. Because now you have a guaranteed iron ore increment, but it doesn’t stop there. In order to work with the iron, you’ll have to process it somehow.

How to convert iron ore to iron bar?

Once you have mined the iron ore, it all begins. So you can turn it into an iron bar. To do this you need to have coal and then build a Foundry building, which has a negative effect on desirability. At the same time you will need heavy tools to build the Foundry, so buy them in the trading pot…

Foundry Stats

… this way is probably best if you have both iron ore and coal. In case you have an iron ore deposit but no coal deposit, I recommend using charcoal, which you can get from firewood.

How use iron in Farthest Frontier?

If you have an iron bar there are two ways for me to use it and that is:

In the forge you can create tools, weapons or heavy instruments from iron and coal. It is something that will be useful in your city and I believe it will save you a lot of money.

I also expect efficiency to skyrocket if everyone has access to everything.

In the armory you will have the power to make the defense of your units. In addition to iron and the aforementioned coal, you will also need leather and firewood.

The advantage will be that your people will then have higher defense or you will be able to sell these products and get a lot of gold for it.

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