Farthest Frontier: Where to get Herbs?

In Farthest Frontier are herbs a necessity, especially if you want to upgrade from shelters to homestead or to make soap.

In this article, we will present tips on how to get a lot of them without spending gold.

The first thing to do is to find a herb icon on your map, which looks like this:

Subsequently, you need to build a Forager Shack in the neighbourhood. From these will grow herbs that can be extracted. Optimally, look for a place where are several herbs at once because you will get a constant benefit. Alternatively, don’t be afraid to find multiple locations and build more Forager Shack…

… if you have a surplus of herbs, you can create soap, sell it dearly and thus earn more gold to finance the army or other services.

In case you don’t want to place herbs on your map, you will have to trade with herbs. However, in my experience with the map, you can get some extra valuable resources. You can make expensive stuff out of it and sell it to make money from it. More about luxury items and their production in link presented below:

Luxury items in Farthest Frontier

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