Farthest Frontier: How to get healer?

Getting a healer is easy and works exactly the same as with a teacher. You have to get one during immigration, so hoping for a healer to come to your city means you have to encourage immigration to your city.

The healer’s house will open with level II of your town hall, it will cost you gold and the building will cost you another 20 gold every month. So I recommend you think carefully when you build the house.

Healer’s house detail

Keep an eye on the number of sick people – there is a highlighted icon and number in the image below to help you keep track of how many people are sick. It’s fair to say that sick people don’t work, and once that number starts to rise dramatically (perhaps due to an epidemic) you’ll be in trouble.

How many people are sick

Once you have a steady supply of gold and a school built, I recommend you to quickly build a healer’s house and use it in your city. Because sooner or later you might have a problem with diseases.

What are the diseases in Farthest Frontier?

One of the diseases you may encounter early on is Cholera. This happens if you don’t have a clean water source (but it seems to me that this game mechanic doesn’t work yet). What causes cholera is the waste that accumulates >> so build a compost yard and employ a human to clean up the waste.

Cholera in Farthest Frontier

Another common disease can be Dehydration. This will happen to your villagers if they do not have a well and therefore water nearby. Don’t forget to build wells, even where you don’t need them directly, so that people don’t have to go far to get water.

Dehydration in Farthest Frontier

Cholera and Dehydration are the two most common diseases (/problems) that need to be treated. If you are all currently healthy and want to know what diseases are plaguing your colony then check the Town Hall. There, right in the middle in community health, you can find out what ails your colony and how to avoid it.

An overview of the diseases your community currently has.
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