Farthest Frontier: How to get homestead?

When your city grows and you reach the 2nd level of the town hall you will see that you need to have 25 homesteads in the city for the next level. Building them is a bit more complicated, so I decided to write this tutorial to help you transform shelters to homesteads.

The very first building you are able to build is the “shelter”. It is actually the only building that you can build. If you look closely at its detail you can notice that it has “upgrading requirements” that you will have to meet to upgrade…

Where to find homestead requirements?

…it’s that upgrade that will make the shelter a homestead. For the upgrade to occur, you must meet the following criteria:

As soon as your building meets the criteria, it will start upgrading itself. You don’t have to do anything proactively, just have your builders transport 6 wood planks to the site.

Homestead criteria

Once the homestead is completed, nothing will change visually – the building will still occupy the same area but will look a little different. I’d say there’s a good chance that the residents who live in the building will be a little more satisfied as well…

… what usually happens to me is that homestead buildings gradually expand closer to city hall throughout the city, to be more concrete, closer to infrastructure that improves desirability (schools, healer, market, bakery, parks).

What does a homestead look like?

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