Farthest Frontier: How to get sand?

Getting sand in the Farthest Frontier is easy, and in today’s article, we are going to show you how to do so. Sand mining is not exactly the most basic, so feel free to wait with it until it’s the right time. I’ve often waited with it until I had around 200 people. By that number, you can say that it won’t be as easy as the for example Food tutorial or Clay guide. However, I believe that this article should help and we can manage it together.

First of all, to work with sand, you need to have an extended town hall on level II! Once you have it available, you can operate with your polys and you also create glass.

How to find sand deposits?

The first thing to do is to look around the area to find out if you have any deposits available. I recommend looking around the explored area to see if you might have one right under your feet. Such a sand deposit is indicated by the following icon:

Sand pit icon on the map

If you click on the sand pit detail, you will get information about how much sand is available at the site. I personally recommend choosing the biggest one if you have a choice, as it’s not something that is a total must-have. Don’t build it too many times.

Sand pit detail

If you can’t find available sand deposits on the map, use Expedition (E) to explore the dark areas that you haven’t explored yet. If you have some inhabitants, you can manage some smaller expeditions. If you have enough people, feel free to explore the whole map in a wider area.

Sand pit

Once you have uncovered a sand pit, you can try to build a Sand Mine at that location. In case you decide to build it, all the places with sand will be highlighted in yellow. That also means that you can’t build a sand pit on any other soil than where the sand is.

What does a sand pit construction look like

How to set up a sand pit?

I recommend employing at least 2 people to start (as default). As your needs grow, employ 4 people. In case you are short of sand you can always employ additional miners for a total of 6 people, so you don’t have to build another sand pit right away.

What does a sand pit look like
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