Spices in Farthest Frontier

Spices are one of most luxuries good in Farthest Frontier. This item cannot be produced in your town and you must trade spices in trading post to get it. In today’s article we will look more on spices and where they could be used.

Where use spices?

Spices are used in Manor. So spices are for late-game phases.

Spices could have positive impact on happiness and taxes of near buildings.

Spices will be store in Markets and from this will be distributed to shelters / manors.

Do I have focus on spices?

As I mention above spices are for late-game phases. So you don’t have to focus on these good in early phases. When you have first manor then you could buy some spices in Trading Post and see consumption which your citizens will have.

Spices will cost you lot of gold, so you must get enough gold. Good way to get enough gold is find some things which you will export like other luxury items. Every map has own pros and cons. Some maps have more of one raw material and the other of another raw material.

Tips for avoiding problems

As I mention above you need to buy spices in trading post. But inventory of traders are “random” so is good to buy spices to storage. Some players on forums have problems that some traders don’t bring spices like 4 years. So is good to buy really enough, so far I haven’t seen spillage with this raw material, so it might not matter.

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