GeForce Thursday’s – January 2023

In 2023 we will be looking more at GeForce Now because I believe that this is new approach for playing games. Everyone could play games which are streamed to your PC from internet and enjoy best and new games which are available in market.

Our article has two parts. In first one we show you new strategy games which are now available at GeForce Now and the second part where we have list of all games which was added to GeForce Now. To navigate between this list you could use menu:

New strategy games at GeForce Now

In January 2023 we get 6 strategy games to GeForce Now. Let’s take look at them in super quick previews

Dwarf Fortress

For this game I’m waiting sice it came to Steam in early of December 22. This game had really good reviews and looks like complex base building game which combines simulation/strategy features. Interesting is that this game is created since 2003 for two brothers.

Main topic is about building Dwarf base and you must help to survive the pitfalls of the world. The ruthless challenge that awaits us >> I will definitely try Dwarf Fortress in more detail and we will have more articles. Thanks that it will be available on GeForce Now!

Project Hospital

One of latest games where you could own your hospital. Game with good level of detail with a lot of diseases. You will have hours of fun designing surgeries, theatres and other departments you will need to run a successful hospital. But it’s not just about building. You can become a doctor and perform examinations/surgeries and help the sick as much as you can.

You could read our articles: About Project Hospital, How Make Money in Project Hospital?, What do first in Project Hospital?

More images in our articles


New strategy game which came to Steam at 17. January 2023 and which is about terraform and construct new colony on Mars. It looks like you’ll have to deal with a lot of resource management, figuring out what makes sense to build when, research and other tough decisions. A challenges that we’ll probably try.

If you don’t want wait you could try prologue which is available on Steam.

One of screen from presskit

Carrier Command 2

It looks like great strategy/simulation game where you are leader of futuristic carrier. There are a lot of decisions which you must make and a lot of different point of view how you could like play this game. The game looks like it will entertain for hours. And definitely if you’re looking for some military environments this could be an interesting option to try out now in January.

January 5th

The first week of 2023 was insane we get 20 games which are available at the moment and 5 games which will came in next days.

  • ⚔️ Farlanders (New game on Steam, Jan. 17)
  • Occupy Mars: The Game (New game on Steam, Jan. 19)
  • ⚔️ Grimstar: Crystals are the New Oil! (New game on Steam, Jan. 26)
  • Watch Dogs: Legion (New game on Steam, Jan. 26)
  • Raiden IV x MIKADO remix (New game on Steam, Jan. 31)
  • Absolute Drift (Steam)
  • Blacktail (Steam and Epic Games Store)
  • Cygnus Enterprises (Steam)
  • Destroy All Humans (Steam and Epic Games Store)
  • Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed (Steam and Epic Games Store)
  • ⚔️ Dwarf Fortress (Steam)
  • The Eternal Cylinder (Steam)
  • Hello Neighbor 2 (Steam and Epic Games Store)
  • Immortals Fenyx Rising (Steam)
  • MX vs ATV Legends (Steam)
  • NEBULOUS: Fleet Command (Steam)
  • Rain World (Steam)
  • ⚔️ The Valiant (Steam and Epic Games Store)
  • Way of the Hunter (Steam and Epic Games Store)
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game Complete Edition (New release on Steam, Jan. 5)
  • ⚔️ Carrier Command 2 (Steam)
  • ⚔️ Project Hospital (Steam)
  • Portal with RTX (Steam)
  • Severed Steel (Epic Games Store)
  • Dakar Desert Rally (Epic Games Store)
  • Brawlhalla (Ubisoft Connect)

January 12th

The second week of 2023 wasn’t too much for us. We get just 7 games

  • Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 (New release on Steam, Jan. 12)
  • Dakar Desert Rally (Epic Games)
  • Destroy All Humans! (Steam and Epic Games)
  • Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed (Steam and Epic Games)
  • MX vs ATV Legends (Steam)
  • ⚔️ The Valiant (Steam and Epic Games)
  • Way of the Hunter (Steam and Epic Games)

January 19th

The third week of 23 bring us new games:

  • Farlanders (New Release on Steam)
  • Surviving the Abyss (New Release on Steam)
  • Tortuga – A Pirate’s Tale (New Release on Epic Games, Jan. 19)
  • Epistory – Typing Chronicles (New Release on Epic Games, Jan. 19)
  • Absolute Drift (Steam)
  • BLACKTAIL (Steam and Epic Games)
  • Dwarf Fortress (Steam)
  • Hello Neighbor 2 (Steam and Epic Games)
  • NEBULOUS: Fleet Command (Steam)
  • Shadow Tactics – Aiko’s Choice (Epic Games Store)

January 26th

The four week of 23 brings us new games:

  • Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint (Steam since Jan. 23)
  • Oddballers (Ubisoft Connect since Jan. 26)
  • Watch Dogs: Legion (Steam since Jan. 26)
  • Cygnus Enterprises (Steam)
  • Rain World (Steam)
  • The Eternal Cylinder (Steam)

Bad information for you is that there won’t be new strategy game. 🙁

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