Oil power plant in Cities Skylines

After our FAQ about power in Cities Skylines and details about coal power plant there is another power plant which you will build after your town increase population which is Oil plant. Their are similar like coal power plant by game mechanics but they have bigger power output.

Informations about oil power plants

Oil Power Plant provides 120 MV of electricity which is 3x more than you could get from coal power plant. Cost is ₡50,000 which is just 2,6x more than coal power plant. Maintenance cost is ₡1 920 per week which is 3,4x more than coal power plant. One biggest negative is that this plant provides heavy pollution same as coal power plant.

Oil power plant stats

If we will talk about “benefits” of building oil power plant. Then you could see that maintenance cost is much more. But if you want same output from coals power like one oil plant then you must build three of them (3×40 MV => 120 MV) then upkeep of coal plant will be ₡1 680.

From our article about FAQ Power in Cities Skylines we know that best price ₡ per MV has Fusion Power Plant in ₡63 per MV on output. Oil power plant has cost ₡417 per MV and it’s fourth on list of best price per MV.

How look mine oil power plant in edge of industry zone

Bellow you could see power plants which has much better Cost of MW (₡/MW). Then in later phases you want to build solar plant or nuclear power plant.

BuildingMWCost(₡)Cost of MW (₡/MW)
Fusion Power Plant16 0001 000 00063
Nuclear Power Plant640200 000313
Solar Updraft Tower24090 000375
Oil Power Plant12050 000417

Not enough fuel in oil power plants

Every oil power plant needs “oil” for working. This oil could be used from your Oil industry zones if you have them or imported from other cities. In every plant you could see for how many weeks they have stored oil…

When find storage of oil power plant

… fulfilling these plants runs automatically. And if you want guarantee that they don’t we be out of fuel you must optimize your traffic. If your power plant won’t be reached by trucks with oil then your power plant will have outages…

Refilling oil power plant in Cities Skylines

… if you have Oil industry then could be good way to build Oil plants as close as possible to minimize potential problems with traffic. And one tip at the end.

If you will be dependent on your industry then count on the fact that you may run out of oil (depending on the field) and it makes sense to strive for the most environmentally friendly electricity in the long run. I’m not saying this out of conviction, it comes out that way data-wise. 😉

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