Will there be a Hearts of Iron V?

Ou that’s a good question. I think that one-day HOI V will come and we will get the new game but there is HOI IV which we could play. There are big modding communities and developers are making new DLC so I think that we must wait years for the new version of HOI.

HOI V release date speculation

HOI5 hasn’t been announced yet and we’ll probably be waiting for a while, which can be seen from how Paradox has released games throughout history…

No.Crusader KingsEuropa UniversalisHearts Of Iron
II.2012 (6 years)2001 (1 year)2005 (3 years)
III.2020 (8 years)2007 (6 years)2009 (4 years)
IV.2013 (6 years)2016 (7 years)

… especially lately, you can see that the time between games is getting longer and I don’t think we have to blame them since we get so much DLC content that expands the game. At least HOI4 is getting a lot of additional content, parts are being reworked some are being added.

What to expect from HOI5?

I think there’s only one way and that’s to make the game more complex. There will probably be power to extend the length of the game to include WWI and the time between the wars, but I’m not sure how they will keep the game “fun” and realistic between 1918 and 1939.

It may have to play “more into your nation” and there will be conflicts and challenges, but I’m not sure if it will be completely Hearts Of Iron anymore.

However, we’ll see, we’ll follow and expand the theme for you as time goes on.

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