HOI4 Subscription

One of great things for new players of HOI4 is subscription. This way of purchase you could use if you are new player and you want to discover everything what HOI4 have. In today article I will look on details and answer the question of whether or not.

Costs of HOI4 subscription

First of all we must start with subscription costs. Subscription of HOI4 cost $4,99 or €4,99 and you will get all of things which HOI4 offers. So you could try full game without paying full price.

How much cost subscription and how you could select it?

More detailed information are in table bellow where you could see price per month. So optically could be better to pay more months. But don’t buy this subscription now, maybe there are better way how to play full HOI4 for you.

MonthsPrice in $ ( / month )Price in ( / month )% sale
1 month$4,99 ( $4,99 )4,99 ( 4,99 )
3 months$13,99 ($4,66)13,99€ ( 4,66 )-7%
6 months$26,99 ($4,49)26,99€ ( 4,49 )-10%
Subscription comparison per tier levels

Yearly cost of full HOI4 is from $53,88 (2x 6 months) to $59,88 (12 x 1 months) but this cost you must pay every year if you want play. This could looks “ok” but we must look on other side and thats full price…

Costs of full HOI4 with all DLC

Full price of HOI4 with all its DLC is around $190 and with sale 10% will cost you $171. Important thing which I must say is that Paradox or Steam make sales several times per year and in this time we could meet sales around 80%.

So this full bundle won’t cost full price. So if you are lucky you could buy this bundle around $38 and have everything from HOI4 in jour library endless time. But you must be lucky and you must wait for these sales.

Use HOI4 subscription in right way for you

Before you start paying full price for HOI4 you must ask yourself question. How much time you want to spend in HOI4. Players are in two groups. One type of players are players which don’t find the grand strategy “to their taste” and probably end up around 50 – 100 hours of play, when they’ve grasped all the essentials and don’t want to explore the game further. For this type of players will be subscription model better.

If you discover more information and StrateGGames is just one of part of your jurney, you spend hours of thinking how to conquer world and you like other strategy games then for you will probably better buying full game in sale.

But there could be also “hybrid mode”. If you don’t know which type of players you are then you could buy subscription for some months, try your taste and if you will like game. Then you could wait for sales and buy full game.

How long there will be Hearts of Iron 4?

Big question is when Paradox will announce Hearts of Iron 5. For now we don’t have information if/when there will be another version. Paradox still cares about the game (it got another DLC in 2022). HOI4 came out in 2016, so we can expect it to be in our library for a few more years and receive love and care.

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