Agency cheats in Hearts of Iron IV

If you have La Resistance DLC for Hearts of Iron IV which added agency cheats you will probably need some “spicy” cheats for this DLC. So I’m prepared list from some of this cheats which we should use to boost this new things. You probably use them when you will explore this DLC…

… but as we write every time when we write about cheats. Using them can reduce the fun of the game by reducing the challenges. Yes game could be broken with them but they are created for developers. So use them with caution.

Top cheats for La Resistance DLC:

create_intelligence_agency, upgrade_intelligence_agency

You could create and upgrade intelligence agency.


Complete current researched upgrade of your agency. And if you want another update it will complete when you start research. It doesn’t change starting criteria to research.


Your operatives doesn’t be detected


Your operatives will be detected


Current active operation will be finished now


Expansion of your intel network will be finished now


It will unlock new slot for operative without waiting 30 days for recruting

Another cheats which should be used in agency DLC

resistance or add_resistance

Increase resistance in selected province

compliance or add_compliance

Increase compliance in selected province

add_party_popularity <ideology group> <value>

Boost party popularity. For ideology groups are used F D C N

civilwar [<ideology>] [<target country tag>]

It start civil war with specify ideology in specific country

Agency cheats as part of workshop

There is agency cheat in Steam Workshop which should helps you. But I don’t test this so I don’t know if this works well and It doesn’t have any reviews so be avare using this mode.

☠️ About using agency cheats

Be avare of using this cheats. Some of them works for you and works also for AI. So use this cheats when you have paused game to be sure that your opponents won’t get some instant bonuses.

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