Increase army power in Victoria 3

If you need increase prestige you could build your military size when you building more barracks but size isn’t jut one important things. There are also important stats about offense a defense which are determined by production methods in barracks or in conscriptions centers. Now we look how you could increase army power in Victoria 3

Army power metrics

The main army power metrics are number of battalions if you look on details of your country. Left number is your professional army and number right is your a home guards which you could call up in case of war.

But if you look more deeply on this number you could see more interesting number called “power projection”. This number is “index” with which you could compare relative strength between two nations.

Army power projection is “metric” which shows how strong nations are

Number power projection grows when you increase army size or when you increase power of your army. Second important informations are in details of your military where you could see “offense” and “defense” of your battalions.

Battalions details with offense / defense / manpower and morale

This stats are affected primary by production methods in you barracks and conscription centers. But also this stats are affected by generals traits and also with research.

Increase army power

To increase army power you need to focus on production methods which are available. Is good before changing methods build some factories which will create goods for your stronger army. Because by changing this methods will change your goods consumption.

To increase offense / defense you need to update production methods

After you change your army settings you could see that you must pay more money on Substitution for goods which they will need and also you get nerf “Equipment Adjustment” and you will have lover offense and defense.

Changing production methods in your army.

Military “red” research

To increase army power and get more production methods you need to research “red” researches in research tree. But don’t target only on army research. You could have strong army but if you have weak economy then you won’t be successful at wars…

To be better you need to research in military

… so in early phases of game I focus on economy researches to stabilize mine country. And when I know that I will go to war then I focus on army research. However, I don’t recommend changing the setup of your army before the war, because once you change the methods of your army it will take some time before your army is strong again.

-20% offense and -20% defense for 12 months after changing production methods in army
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