Accept attempt to sway in Victoria 3 or not?

If you are in middle game where diplomatic actions starts so it happens that sooner or later you get an attempt to sway and is question if you could accept it or not. In today article I will show you on which metrics you should look to make the right decision.

Attempt to sway could look like this. You are causally working on your economy improvements, planning or viewing current diplomatic situation near you and now you get alert with “attempt to sway”. Now is important to stay calm, breath and think.

How look attempt to sway

Important for you is to watch metrics of diplomatic play which is running now. The yellow arrows on image bellow shows how much strong are both parts of diplomatic play. On marked rows you could find how much battalions have both parts. The formula of row is following…

mobilized battalions / all battalions which has available

… but more important for you is Allegiance tab in diplomatic play details in which you could see which countries are ready to support countries. The red column is most important in this column you could see which countries support and are ready to attacks others. In green column you could see some countries which supports but don’t go to war at now.

Key metrics and where to find them

In sample you could see that Prussia attempt to sway me against Austria. In this specific case I play as bohemia and which I see my army size which is around 50 – 60 battalions than I can’t support Prussia because they aren’t strong and also Austria is supported directly by Russia and also supported by France.

So I don’t accept attempt this sway because there isn’t any arguments to accept it. So I declared neutrality in this conflict and when war starts then Prussia lost significantly because other countries attack them. I hope that these experiences from my will help you and you will be careful what attempts to sway you take.

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