Stability cheat HOI4

If you have political problems with stability you could increase it with some political movements and in focus tree. But there is also stability cheat which helps you instantly. This is HOI4 cheat guide for stability – let’s start.

How stability cheat works?

Cheat to increase stability ie easy like other political cheats in HOI4.


After using your stability increase or decrease (if you use minus before number) as you want. Maximum value is 100 so you don’t have to try larger numbers. Typical usage of stability command is here…

  • st 100
  • st -20
  • st 20

… why you would have reduced stability could be your question. When is reduced stability you could have events / problems like strikes on which you must react. So grame could be more challenge for you.

Why I don’t have stability 100 after ST 100?

Stability cheats affects just “base value” of stability. So if you have some negative national spirit which reduces stability then you could have less than 100%. On image bellow you could see Czechoslovakia which has 90% after ST 100 because they have Divided Nation spirit which leads to -20%.

Stability calculations

When you could use stability cheat?

As I mention above one case is you have problems with stability and you want to solve them without researching and doing reforms in your focus tree. Second way when you want use this cheat could be decrease your stability to have game more spicier because you will have problematic events with your population.

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