Is World Of Tanks strategy game?

After thinking if I want extend StrateGGames with World Of Tanks topics I figured it might be interesting.

Yes World Of Tanks is primary MMO/causal game. Bit WOT contains a lot of strategy elements which are important for mine point of view. Briefly about how I play this game. Since it plays very fast I play primarily on PS4 in the evening after work to get a quick break.

To determine if World Of Tanks is strategy game or not we must look on game features which are available. After 6 400 battles I could say that there are these important features…

  • Finding best positions on maps.
  • Reading players and what experiences they have.
  • Know stats of your and other tanks.
  • Decide if you should take damage or not.
  • Learn from the mistakes you make.

… which makes from WoT strategy games in mine point of view. Yes still is causal game but You must combine factors above which undoubtedly have elements of strategy.

WoT on my television

You must find best positions

First step is positions. In WoT are a lot of maps which are selected “randomly” so you must know all of them. You must find on these maps best positions for every game. Some spots aren’t good for you when you playing as heavy tank or when you playing light tank…

Some players take hours and hours to discover best positions

… these positions. So you must decide if you will play in these “best” positions or not. You must react how your teammates plays. This game is about teams you could go to your favorite position but you will be on the given position alone so it is very probable that the direction you lose and the game you will be terribly frustrating.

First rule: Know positions on maps

Second rule: You can’t win the game alone

You must know tanks

Every game is 15v15 and there is “match-making” which generate unique combination of tanks and players. To gain an advantage you need to know which tanks are on your side or which will be opposite you. If you know tanks and their statistics then you know if you could rush some tanks or not.

Is important to know damage which tanks takes, how time they reload shells and more information about armor. Because if you know this stats then you could play more tactically. You should calculate if you could peak and get shot from other or not.

Third rule: Know your tanks stats

Four rule: Know stats of your competitors tanks

Learn from mistakes

Every game isn’t perfect. You or your team makes mistakes. You must think what you made and if it helped you get the game going in your direction. You can’t play WoT with a “clear head” because then you won’t be an asset to the team. And that could lead to you losing. The key is to think and make good decisions. Learn from your mistakes and then you will win.

Five rule: Watch what you make bad and learn from it.

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