Overeducated workers in Cities Skylines and what to do with them?

One of the problems you may encounter in the later phases of Cities Skylines is over-education. We must say from the beginning that there are two solution what to do if your citizens are overeducated.

They can be both good choices, however, it depends on your situation. The first possible solution is to slow down your education (1) and the second one is to focus on policy industry 4.0 (2) which only needs highly educated workers. Let’s take a look at both ways and I hope that my article will you to solve your problems with overeducated workers.

Solution (1) – slow down education

The first way is to destroy some schools and according to that slow down your education system. Or you can use policy “education boost”, stop this policy and reduce the number of newly educated people.

Factories have problems with workers (not enough)

To keep education at low levels, you can build just one university. This means that there will be just one place where your people can study. University has capacity of around 4 500 students, so this may help.

After these we can say drastic steps, the next generation of your citizens will be less educated. However, this is not a long-term solution. In reality, you want to have high education and available education because this will increase land value and your city will make more money in the future.

As I mentioned above, this is not a long-term solution. Better solution of overeducated workers can be focusing on imports with cargo port or cargo trains, building offices and balancing your industry. The second option then would be working with industry 4.0 policy.

Solution (2) – industry 4.0

In my article on industry 4.0, I mentioned that you can apply this policy in case you have a high level of education in your industrial zones. After this policy, each factory will only need workers with a high level of education, but will have fewer jobs due to automation.

So if you have an overeducated city and you don’t want to slow down your education (because this may harm land value because of not enough services in resident zones), this can be a good option to boost your workspaces for highly educated workers…

Education panel in Cities Skylines.

… this policy also works in specialized industry. So if you have a highly educated city, this can be a good solution. However, keep in mind that you still need one good old orange zone for uneducated workers. When you expand your city and you build new residential zones, then the newly arrived adults are in an uneducated state.

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