Overeducate workers in Cities Skylines and what to do?

One of problems which you could have in later phases of Cities Skylines is overeducation. There are two solution what to do if your citizens are overeducated.

And both could be good way – but depends on your situation the first one is slow your education (1) and the second on could be policy industry 4.0 (2) which needs just high educated workers. Let’s take look on both ways and I hope that mine article helps you solve problems with overeducated workers in your cities.

Solution (1) slow education

First way which is offered is to destroy some school and slow down your education system. Or you use policy “education boost” then you could stop this policy and after that decrease how fast new people will be educated.

Factories have problems with workers (not enough)

To keep low education you could build just one university in your city. So there will be just one place where could be people high educated and university has capacity around 4,500 students. So this could helps

After this punchy steps next generation of your citizens will be less educated so they could work and bring more workers for your workspaces. But this isn’t long-term solution. You want to have high education and available education because this increase land value and your city will make more money.

As I mention this isn’t long-term solution. Better way is have high education, focus on imports with cargo port or cargo trains, build offices and balance your industry needs with industry 4.0 policy which I describe bellow.

Solution (2) industry 4.0

In mine article about industry 4.0 I’ve mention that you could use this policy when you have high education level on your industry zones. After this policy every factory will need just workers with high education status but they have less workspaces because automatization.

So if you have overeducated city and you don’t want slow your education because this could harm land value (not enough services in resident zones) this could be good choice how to boost your workspaces for high educated workers…

Education panel in Cities Skylines.

… this policy also works in specialized industry. So if you have high educated city this could be good solution. But keep in mind that you still need one zone where will be good old orange zones for non educated workers. Because when you expand your city and you build new resident zones then new arrivals adult persons are in non educated status and after their children have been educated in your town.

More information about Industry 4.0 policy in Cities Skylines

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