Italy country tag – HOI4

One of main countries. After start in 1936 you will have war with Ethiopia and after that? Is all on you. Italy has own DLC By Blood Alone in which they have new focus tree. Isn’t too strong like Germany but it’s good to play.

Country tag for Italy is:


If you want play for Italy HOI4 you could use tag command:

tag ITA

To annex Italy in HOI4 you could use annex command:

annex ITA

To delete all Italy units you could use deleteallunits command:

deleteallunits ITA

To add interests on Italy you could use add_interest command:

add_interest ITA

To remove interests on Italy you could use remove_interest command:

remove_interest ITA

To start occupation on Italy you could use occupationpaint command:

occupationpaint ITA

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