add_equipment cheat guide HOI4

Add equipment is one of typical cheats which you will use a lot of if you cheat in HOI4. In today guide I will show you how to use this cheat and use it on all typical equipment which you will use. So let’s start dig more in depth.

How add_equipment cheat works?

Cheat add_equipment is easy and have two variables. First one us NUMBER which allows you set specific amount of equipment and second one is EQUIPMENT TYPE in which you must determine which equipment you want to add.

add_equipment [NUMBER] [EQUIPMENT TYPE]

Alternatively you could use command ae [NUMBER] [EQUIPMENT TYPE].

* If you don’t have researched equipment you could use research_on_icon_click cheat which allows you open instant research everything on which you click in research view. Also you could use research all command which open you everything.

Equipment types which you will use

Important parameter is EQUIPMENT TYPE which you must specify which determines which equipment you get. Bellow you could see all important equipment types.


  • infantry_equipment_0
  • infantry_equipment_1
  • infantry_equipment_2
  • infantry_equipment_3
  • support_equipment_1
  • motorized_equipment_1
  • mechanized_equipment_1
  • mechanized_equipment_2
  • mechanized_equipment_3
  • gw_armored_car_equipment
  • armored_car_equipment_1
  • armored_car_equipment_2
  • amphibious_mechanized_equipment_1
  • amphibious_mechanized_equipment_2
  • anti_tank_equipment_1
  • anti_tank_equipment_2
  • anti_tank_equipment_3
  • anti_air_equipment_1
  • anti_air_equipment_2
  • anti_air_equipment_3
  • artillery_equipment_1
  • artillery_equipment_2
  • artillery_equipment_3
  • rocket_artillery_equipment_1
  • rocket_artillery_equipment_2
  • motorized_rocket_equipment_1


  • gw_tank_equipment
  • light_tank_equipment_1
  • light_tank_equipment_2
  • light_tank_equipment_3
  • light_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
  • light_tank_destroyer_equipment_2
  • light_tank_destroyer_equipment_3
  • light_tank_artillery_equipment_1
  • light_tank_artillery_equipment_2
  • light_tank_artillery_equipment_3
  • light_tank_aa_equipment_1
  • light_tank_aa_equipment_2
  • light_tank_aa_equipment_3
  • medium_tank_equipment_1
  • medium_tank_equipment_2
  • medium_tank_equipment_3
  • medium_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
  • medium_tank_destroyer_equipment_2
  • medium_tank_destroyer_equipment_3
  • medium_tank_artillery_equipment_1
  • medium_tank_artillery_equipment_2
  • medium_tank_artillery_equipment_3
  • medium_tank_aa_equipment_1
  • medium_tank_aa_equipment_2
  • medium_tank_aa_equipment_3
  • heavy_tank_equipment_1
  • heavy_tank_equipment_2
  • heavy_tank_equipment_3
  • heavy_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
  • heavy_tank_destroyer_equipment_2
  • heavy_tank_destroyer_equipment_3
  • heavy_tank_artillery_equipment_1
  • heavy_tank_artillery_equipment_2
  • heavy_tank_artillery_equipment_3
  • heavy_tank_aa_equipment_1
  • heavy_tank_aa_equipment_2
  • heavy_tank_aa_equipment_3
  • super_heavy_tank_equipment_1
  • super_heavy_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
  • super_heavy_tank_artillery_equipment_1
  • super_heavy_tank_aa_equipment_1
  • modern_tank_equipment_1
  • modern_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
  • modern_tank_artillery_equipment_1
  • modern_tank_aa_equipment_1
  • amphibious_tank_equipment_1
  • amphibious_tank_equipment_2


  • train_equipment_1
  • train_equipment_2
  • train_equipment_3
  • railway_gun_equipment_1


  • fighter_equipment_0
  • fighter_equipment_1
  • fighter_equipment_2
  • fighter_equipment_3
  • jet_fighter_equipment_1
  • jet_fighter_equipment_2
  • heavy_fighter_equipment_1
  • heavy_fighter_equipment_2
  • heavy_fighter_equipment_3
  • rocket_interceptor_equipment_1
  • rocket_interceptor_equipment_2
  • rocket_interceptor_equipment_3
  • rocket_suicide_equipment_1
  • CAS_equipment_1
  • CAS_equipment_2
  • CAS_equipment_3
  • nav_bomber_equipment_1
  • nav_bomber_equipment_2
  • nav_bomber_equipment_3
  • tac_bomber_equipment_0
  • tac_bomber_equipment_1
  • tac_bomber_equipment_2
  • tac_bomber_equipment_3
  • jet_tac_bomber_equipment_1
  • jet_tac_bomber_equipment_2
  • strat_bomber_equipment_1
  • strat_bomber_equipment_2
  • strat_bomber_equipment_3
  • jet_strat_bomber_equipment_1
  • transport_plane_equipment_1
  • cv_fighter_equipment_0
  • cv_fighter_equipment_1
  • cv_fighter_equipment_2
  • cv_fighter_equipment_3
  • cv_CAS_equipment_1
  • cv_CAS_equipment_2
  • cv_CAS_equipment_3
  • cv_nav_bomber_equipment_1
  • cv_nav_bomber_equipment_2
  • cv_nav_bomber_equipment_3


  • convoy_1

Custom types of equipment

If you created your own type of equipment like custom tanks/airplanes you must name it without spaces. So if we will talk about names you could use “real names” like Bf 109B or Pz IV D but if you use this names you could have problems with add_equipment cheat. Better will be if you use name without spaces and without special characters. So instead Bf 109B or Pz IV D you could use BF109B or PZIVD when you naming your equipment. And after that you could use add_equipment cheats.


Also there is add_latest_equipment in which you don’t need to specify equipment_type. You just specify number how much equipment you need and you will get the latest equipment.

Other supportive cheats

There are more cheats which you will need to use with add_equipment like manpower or fuel. Because without people or fuel your new equipment won’t work well. But on this cheats we will look deeper in some days.

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