Manpower cheat guide HOI4

Another great cheat which you would use frequently is cheat to increase manpower. In mine today article I will show you how this cheat works and when you could use it.

How manpower cheat works?

Cheat manpower is easier than cheat for add_equipment because it have only one variable [NUMBER] which determine how many manpower you will get.

manpower [NUMBER]

If you wonโ€™t set any number you will get 10 000 000 manpower. In mine experience isnโ€™t good setup large numbers because game could have problems with simulation having a lot of people. So great usage could beโ€ฆ

  • manpower 100000
  • manpower 250000
  • manpower 500000

โ€ฆ and use this cheat often when you have problem with not enough manpower.

When you could use this cheat?

I use this cheat when Iโ€™m playing with small countries and I want to โ€œkick itโ€ to a stronger state. Also you could use this cheat to stabilize your nation after usage add_equipment cheat when you could gift you more units which need manpower to work. And last case when I use this cheat is to add manpower in critical phases when I have problem with resistance when I donโ€™t have enough units to defend again resistance.

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