Manpower cheat guide for HOI4

Another great cheat which you may frequently use is a cheat for adding manpower. manpower [number] cheat is a cheat you can use when you need to get more people for your army. Let’s see how this command works and when you can use it.

How does the manpower cheat work?

Using the manpower [number] command is easier than using the add equipment cheat, mainly because you only have one variable to fill. This variable is called “number” and it determines how much manpower you get.

Command for increase manpower
manpower 100000
Adds you 100 000 manpower

If you don’t set any number, you should get 10 000 000 manpower. From my experience, it isn’t good to setup large numbers because it may cause problems in the game, especially with simulating a big number of people. So it can be practical to use…

  • manpower 100000
  • manpower 250000
  • manpower 500000

… you can use this command whenever you want, especially when there is a shortage of manpower.

When to use this command?

I use this cheat when I play with small countries and I want to “kick” it into a stronger state. You can also use this cheat to stabilize your nation after using the add equipment cheat. It will give you more units that need manpower to do their job.

And the last case to use this cheat is to add manpower in critical phases when you have a resistance problem (when you don’t have enough units to defend themselves).

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