Main features of 1.10.X patches of Crusader Kings 3

Quick summarization of changes with version 1.10.X patches of Crusader Kings 3. In our article you should find “top-level” findings what changes in latest updates and which problems are now fixed.

Main changes


  • Expanded childhood, guardianship, and education events and mechanics
  • New hostage system for rulers to exchange and execute hostages
  • Adoption interactions to bring in new dynasty members
  • New “eccentric” personality trait
  • New perpetual “hook” type between weak and strong hooks
  • Added Saura Hindu faith and events
  • AI improvements for building MaA
  • New events and content for university visits
  • New music, animations, and art


  • Localization fixes
  • Bugfixes and balance changes for new features like hostages, childhood events, etc
  • Fixes for crashes and out of sync errors in MP
  • AI improvements


  • Rebalanced university visit costs to lower barrier of entry
  • Books from university visits now based on education type
  • Interface and text fixes
  • Can now only plan grand weddings if already promised
  • Bugfixes for issues like betrothals blocking grand weddings

Which problems are fixed now

  • Crashes and out-of-sync errors in multiplayer
  • Issues with regents traveling away from their liege’s court
  • Bugs preventing AI rulers from marrying properly
  • Errors with hostages not returning home or being imprisoned incorrectly
  • Faulty calculations for university visit costs scaling over time
  • Incorrect application of education trait bonuses at universities
  • Problems with childhood events blocking each other or looping endlessly
  • Flavor events like falconry having incorrect difficulty modifiers
  • Adopted children immediately leaving court or sending letters to themselves
  • Guardians being unable to influence wards’ culture/religion
  • Conflicts between betrothals and promising grand weddings
  • Erroneous relationship tooltips causing confusion
  • Errors in text, localization, and presentation across events
  • Game rule issues like female eunuchs for Varangians

Version 1.10 came with DLC Wards & Wardens

DLC Wards & Wardens after month of release has mixed reviews and cost 4,99 € or $ on Steam market.

The Wards & Wardens flavor pack expands the childhood stage for characters in Crusader Kings III, adding new depth through events focused on developing relationships between wards and guardians. For child characters, new events cover forming childhood friendships, getting into mischief, and shaping personality traits. Guardians now have more options to guide or misguide their wards’ upbringing based on their own inclinations. Regencies also see expanded events, with some regents mentoring the child ruler, while corrupt ones may exploit their influence.

The DLC includes new animations, music, and art assets to depict childhood scenes and activities, like reading books or training with wooden swords. For guardians, options like adopting children or taking defeated rulers’ heirs as hostages are now available. The DLC aims to make your ruler’s early years more impactful on their eventual reign. Even without the DLC, free updates added features like perpetual hooks between dynasties and new personality traits. But Wards & Wardens greatly expands the role of guardianship in shaping the next generation of noble heirs through childhood events.

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