How to move your capital in Crusader Kings 3?

Your capital county in Crusader Kings 3 provides important bonuses like increased tax income and levy sizes. It also acts as the seat of your ruler and court. Therefore, choosing the right location for your capital is an important strategic decision. Here is how you can move your capital in CK3:

Three steps to move your capital in CK3
  • Select a county and castle which you own
  • Click the “move capital” button
  • Confirm the move

Where to click exactly

Select a county and castle which you own

Where to find castles which you own

First, select a county that you own personally, either through your starting holdings or by conquering new lands. You cannot move your capital to a county owned by one of your vassals.

Click the “Move Capital” button

Where you should find “move capital” button

In the bottom left corner of the selected county interface, you will see a button with an up arrow and crown icon. Click this button to initiate moving your capital.

Confirm the move

Confirmation of move realm capital

A popup will appear asking you to confirm moving the capital and pay a small prestige cost. Click the “Move Capital” button in this popup to finalize relocating your capital.

Your realm capital is in new place

Things to consider

Before you start moving your capital in Crusader Kings there are some things which you must consider about that. Because as first point say you should move your capital only once per ruler’s life. Also there is best practice to developer your capital by generations so consider this change well.

  • You can only move your capital once per ruler’s lifetime.
  • Move your capital to a well-fortified location or one surrounded by other counties you own for protection. Having adjacent counties allows you to raise larger defensive armies quickly.
  • Rivers, hills, mountains, and forests provide defensive bonuses if enemies siege your capital. The terrain matters!
  • Consider economic bonuses if moving to your realm’s traditional capital or duchy capital. These provide building slots for tax/levy boosting buildings.
  • Succession laws pass your capital down to your primary heir, so it’s a way to control inheritance. Putting excess counties under the capital duchy helps your primary heir retain more lands.
  • Your capital gets a bonus to levies, taxes, supply limit and loot value. Maximize these by developing your capital over generations.
  • Special buildings like Theodosian Walls or the Tower of London can make capitals nearly impenetrable when fully upgraded.
  • Keep your Steward boosting development in your capital for the long term. A prosperous capital fuels your realm’s expansion.
  • If your capital is coastal, you can move it inland to avoid naval invasions by enemies with strong fleets.
  • Move your capital away from hostile realms that may invade you repeatedly. Out of sight, out of mind.
  • Keep your capital somewhat centralized within your realm for efficient governance and troop movement.

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