Steam Strategy Fest 2023 – details and best deals

Steam Strategy Fest is here. From 28th AUG to 4th SEP are on Steam sale actions for strategy games which we love. Let’s look on best deals which are on table. I’ll recap all the games we’re looking at today on StrateGGames and point you to some interesting games that might be worth a discount.

For more context I add emoticon ➡️ in which I show games where I buy something new to my library. Links which contains names link directly to Steam Store.

Our favorite games

Hearts of Iron IV base game is in sale -70% and if you want to buy all DLC then you should buy them for only $118,32 or 118,32€ so this is sale by 46%. But there is still HOI4 subscription in which you should play this game by $5 by month.

Cities Skylines I isn’t in sale. But you should look on Cities Skylines II ultimate edition in which you get Tampere map and another some small gifts. But also Cities Skylines II aren’t in sale.

➡️ Stellaris base game is in sale -70% and if you want to buy all DLC then you should buy them for only $171,69 or 171,69€ which looks same by sale HOI4. Paradox Interactive have policy that they’re only discounting older DLC. New DLC (that came out recently) is not discounted. I have base game of Stellaris so I bough more DLC which I doesn’t have. Probably in future there will be more content from Stellaris.

Victoria III has only decent sale by -30% on base game and -15% on grand edition. If you want to buy all expansion packs then you will pay also price lowered by -34%. However, as I follow the community, Vic3 is still often referred to by some as unplayable. I believe that with more DLC and patches (by the way there is already beta 1.5 version) it will improve. I would probably wait to buy it.

Farthest Frontier has only small sale by -15%. I’d probably try to wait for black friday or some other special day. It’s a city survival game and it’s pretty good. Although as I look at the price trend it’s the highest discount since the release last year.

➡️ If you doesn’t have play Frostpunk than there is sale -80% and whole game cost only $5,99. This is also survival game like FF but this game adds society and detail storyline. In next year will came Frostpunk 2 so it’s a pretty good time to be reminded of this game. I would definitely buy if you don’t have it in your collection. I bought all the DLC which is also on sale -76%.

Our picks of strategy games

Civilization VI in sale -90% and also there is deal in which all DLC cost also -88%. So this is one of best deals I think that are on Steam Strategy Fest 2023. But CIV6 is old from 2016 and probably in near years there will be CIV7 probably CIV7 will be announced in 2024.

Full Anno 1800 series cost only 194€ or 194$ which is in sale around -40%. I’ve tested this game on free weekend and is great to try it. Base game cost only 14,99€ or 14,99$. Older Anno 2070 has sale -75% on complete edition but this game is from 2011 and reviews aren’t great.

Plague Inc. / Rebel Inc. are also in sale you could buy this both game in great package with sale -52%. I loved this game so I owned them. If I don’t have this game in library then I would definitely buy this.

Age Of Empires IV is in sale -50% and AOE IV is from 2021 so it’s relative new game. Price of game cost 19,99€ or 19,99$. So I think about buying this game.

Crusader Kings III are in sale -30% with base game / -20% on royal edition / chapter I is -53% and chapter II is in sale by -27%. If you don’t have this game in your library then you should try it.

Steel Division 2 is in great sale -75%.

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition is also on sale -75%.

Europa Universalis IV is on sale -60% with base game if you doesn’t have it.

Transport Fever 2 is on sale -50% which should be also great.

Ultimate General: Civil War looks great in sale -50%

Project Hospital is also on sale -50%.

Pharaoh: A New Era is on sale -20%.

Democracy 4 looks great in sale -70% but I don’t know this game.

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