Market access mechanics explained for Victoria 3

Market access is one of metrics which is used in Victoria 3 to balance provinces. If you don’t have market access at 100% then you probably will have problems with distribution of goods. In today article we will look how look problems with market access and what to do with it.

Market access mechanics explained

  • Market access showing how well is state connected to market.
  • Lower than 100% could cause problems with price and shortages.
  • A long-term slump (up to 20%) will cause long-term problems in state.
  • To increase you must use decree or build infrastructure.

Low market access

In state with low market access could be different prices of goods or shortages of good. So it’s important to have market access on 100%. It may happen that your market access drops below 100% then it is good to start solving the problems…

Bohemia has problems with market access

… Because if your market access drops much lower (for example to 20%) you may not have enough resources in the state to solve the problem. In short it is a kind of death spiral that could cause many problems if you don’t solve this.

First what to do if you see problem with market access is slow/stop construction in the state and start solving the problem and increase market access which I show you bellow.

Increasing market access

As I mention for increasing market access you must increase infrastructure. To increase market access in specific country there are two ways which I show you bellow…

Province details with low infrastructure

first one is with decree road maintenance which increase infrastructure +25%. These decrees cost you 100 authority and this way is fast way how to increase market access.

Apply decree to increase market access

Second way how to increase market access is to increase infrastructure. About infrastructure I had good article which covers this topic but there is quick simplify what you can do if you want to improve the infrastructure…

… best thing which you could do is building ports or building railway. So if you need increase market access in seaside provinces then this could be quick win – or you could change production methods in your ports as fast solution.

If you aren’t seaside and you need increase market access / infrastructure. Then you must build railway and then for one level will increase +20 infrastructure which also increases market access.

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