How to move berries in Farthest Frontier

I was wrong when I wrote in the article that berries cannot be moved. After some updates and in mine new games I know that there are possibilities how to move SOME berries to maximize earnings from these food resource. In today article I’ve updated content and I will show you how to maximize earning from berries…

… speaking of berries, we’re talking about the following icon…

I was very lucky on the map and I had a lot of them in one place

… berries ripen over time, so they cannot be harvested all the time. So in early game phases could be good strategy builds more forager shack near multiple location to maximize earning. In first years you need just one => survive so there isn’t time to moving them.

But in later phases. You could move your berries inside your city fortifications. And you could to optimize the distances in which the berries are located. So you can have berries directly in the city and have them available faster.

How to move berries step by step:

For the first you must find blueberry bush this bushes have “move icons”. So you could click on this…

Blueberry bushes with move posibilities.

… icon and you could setup where you want movie berries so you could create orchard in which you will have all the berries. And your pickers will work significantly more efficiently if you set their working area here.

How looks moving berries

Which berries I can’t move?

Don’t be upset when you try to move some berries and you can’t see option to move them. There are Hawthorn or Sumac which you can’t move. You could just destroy them or harvest them.

Hawthorn you can’t move even if you want
Sumac also, you can’t move.
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