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Post Service, via Post Office, is one of the many Cities Skylines: Industries features. It enriches your citizens life with mail delivery and collection services. However, players do not talk about it that much and the players are not sure whether the Post Office has a real purpose or not. Today we are going to take a look at it!

How does it work?

Post Office is a part of Cities Skylines: Industries features so you need that DLC. Through the Post Office, your citizens get mail and deliveries. It is based on post sorting facilities which handle mail between outside connections and the post office. The carriage is then provided by vans and trucks.

Post office in Cities Skylines

Why is it good to have a Post Office?

Despite all the speculations and conclusions, building a post office means getting a slight bonus. Developers say nothing specific about bonuses and it may seem like it doesn’t affect anything (it is like an isolated metric), however, it truly does a little magic here and there. It increases the happiness of your residents. 

Why should people care?

Post Offices, as the other game’s services, bring we can say a little bit of spice to the game. It is just a small detail you can miss. The only disadvantages of Post Offices may be lowering the traffic flow and once you build them somewhere in a city, you are expected to build them in the rest of it.

Is building a Post Office worth it?

On one side, it passively provides a happiness bonus to nearby areas. Moreover, it operates without educated workers, or even workers in general. On the other hand, it requires road access, it has a maintenance cost (it costs money from the city budget) and it needs electricity and water supply

With Post Offices (which provide local postal service), it is 6,000 (upkeep is around 80/week). With the Post Sorting Facility (which collects mail from local Post Offices), it is 25,000 (and 400/week to maintain it). Their pollution level is zero, noise pollution is 10 and 30.

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