Move it mod for Cities Skylines details

As with the Precision Engineering from one of the previous articles, Move It is one of the most used mods in Cities Skylines. This mod, which can be easily downloaded on Steam, moves your buildings around (together with roads), rotates them, moves them up or down, moves them for longer distances etc.

It is truly one of the best helpers in building a city and it can make the whole process much easier! If you care about details, if you want to place custom items, you really need this mode.

Key features of Move It:

  • While holding shift, you can add more items to your selection.
  • Then by clicking on these items, you can move them around.
  • With Right Click, you can rotate it.
  • With Left Click, you can select buildings, trees, props, decals, surfaces, roads, quays or even procedural objects.
  • With Ctrl + Z, you can revert your changes.
  • With Pg up/Pg down, you can change the height.

As with Precision Engineering, it is super easy to use and colorful for better work. If you are more into traffic mods you should look on our articles about them.

Where to download Move it mod?

Best way to download Move It mod is to use Steam Workshop.

If you open Most downloaded mod All time then Move It will be one of first there.

To download this you should open this page which will lead to workshop.

Alternatively you should follow this steps…

  1. Open Cities Skylines in your Library
  2. Click to open Steam Workshop
  3. Filter in right menu only mods
  4. Select Over Period All time
  5. Sort by Most Popular

… and move it will be one of first mods to download. Also I don’t recommend downloading this mod on other sites which aren’t Steam Workshop because this scripts will be run in game. I know, maybe I’m a little paranoid, but I’d rather download it directly from the source.

Guides for the use of Move It?

To give you a better idea, I have prepared some videos for you:

Move It, Cities Skylines Mod Spotlight – Drakkart
How to: Move It – Mod tutorial – Cities Skylines
Move It Mod: Some Features You May Not Know About (Cities Skylines) – Cities By Diana
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