Project Hospital vs Two Point Hospital

There are two strategy / simulation hospital games available market which are Project Hospital and Two Point Hospital. Today we will look on this two games and we make comparison of them because could be good question which buy and play.

Quick comparison

Before we start I’ve prepare quick comparison which shows you important parts of both games. For the first Project Hospital and Two Point Hospital aren’t same. And every game will be better for different players…

  • 🏥 PH is better for strategic players who looks for complex game experience.
  • 🛌 TPH is better for causal players who looks for funnier experience.

… so with this knowledge I think you must to approach the games. Here’s another table where I keep an eye on the really important things in more points.

🏥 Project Hospital🛌 Two Point Hospital
More realistic, like normal hospitalsMore funny and more story
You solve lot of diseasesYou solve new “funny” disease
You are manager high-end hospitalsGame is more easier than PH.
Could play as doctor and solve disease
Important differences between games

Above you could see differences between these two games. Two Point Campus is more colorful and for me more available for children. On other side there is Project Hospital which is more detailed and complex.

More complex Project Hospital

Project Hospital is driven by “departments” which you must build to expand your hospital. You start with small ordination and gradually increase your scope as diseases/problems become more complex. Or you could start new hospital in pre-build building frame and build complex hospital with lot of departments.

One big thing which you must focus are patients. This game is realistic so patients must go for an MRI, or for individual more complex exams such as radiology. Your doctor must prepare diagnostics and after that they most cure patient for these diagnostics.

Insurance in Project Hospital

There are also departments like traumatology/emergency so some patients come to your hospital by ambulance/helicopter and they are in the highest state of emergency. So we need to act quickly and make decisions quickly. In your spare moments, you negotiate contracts with insurance companies and look after your employees. Hospitals with patients on bed rest have to operate at night. In short, a very complex experience.

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More causal Two Point Hospital

On other side is Two Point Hospital, which is successor to well known Theme Hospital game. This game is driven by disease when you don’t solve realistic but more funnier once. The game is more limited and is divided to levels. You won’t be as free and the game will help you a bit more, that’s why for me it’s not as complex as PH.

Big thing which I like on Two Point Hospital is that the game is more painted. The creators have gone to the trouble of inventing interesting diseases and devices that continuously cure them. This unreality is something that is just something that is totally cool about TPH and why I think you may enjoy it.

More funnier experience waiting for you in Two Point Hospital

After a while, the diseases can be repetitive, but that’s actually what will happen with PH. Anyway, I believe you’ll love the game at least for that reason (variety, colors, creativity). It can be a good introduction to the topic of strategy games for children.

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