Service Point in Pedestrian Areas in Cities Skylines

In one of latest DLCs for Cities Skylines, called Plazas and Promenades, Pedestrian Areas became the main added features. Today we will look more closely at Service Points which are crucial for them.

How and where to build Service Point?

First of all you need to build Service Point in your Pedestrian Areas. It is good idea to find a location that is well connected to the highway or other services, because Service Points are the main place where all traffic goes. Simply put, the Service Point placement is essential…

What do the Service Points look like?

… if you need to, you can build more Service Points after your Pedestrian Zones grow. There are three types of Service Points – basic point or so-called Non-specialized Point that supports everything, Garbage and Cargo.

So you can build Garbage Points closer to your garbage services and Cargo Points closer to highway or cargo terminals. It allows you to play efficiently within your zone. Other Service Points are open to you after reaching certain milestones.

If you need to build a Service Point, click on:

Parks & Plazas > Pedestrian Areas (walking icon) > Point
Service point placement

When to build another Service Point?

A good question might be how to identify when to build the next Service Point. In the details of your Pedestrial Zones you can see information about the “service point usage”. If this percentage is around 70-90%, it would be appropriate to build another Service Point.

Where to find the service point usage

You need to check this statistics after you build new buildings in the zones and they become functional, as this could change the use of Service Points. If you don’t update your Service Point, you may have problems. You don’t have to keep track of it, but after a while, problem icons may appear and you may need to do something about it. That’s why it is better to work and think ahead. 🙂

Service Point milestones

If you need more Service Points, then you need to reach certain Pedestrian Areas milestones. To get more Service Point types you need to maximize the capacity of your Service Points. Details can be seen in Pedestrian Zone detail.

Service Point milestones
Small Service Points and Large Service Points
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