Releasing country and play with them in Victoria 3

In one of mine campaign I want to play as Bohemia. But Bohemia isn’t available country to play when game starts. So today I will show you how to release and play as specific country….

… because this is super easy way how to play in untraditional way. First of all you must open Diplomacy and tab Release Nations whee you could find which nations you could release. Some nations like Czechoslovakia need research like pan-nationalism and this take time.

Where to find opinion to release subjects

If you select your nation which you want you will see release window. In which you could select how to release country. You could use “subject country” which will collaborate with you and you could annex them or you could release them as “independent” so they won’t have any relations with you.

And when you will releasing country then you could select “Play as country” when you then play for that country. You could “dissolve” some nations with “change country” in menu and you could to divide multiple countries and play as a great alternate history.

To play as new country you need to play as …
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