How to delay the revolution in Victoria 3?

Making changes in your laws when you doesn’t have 100% support from your parties could be difficult journey. Sometimes you could have problems when you get demands to “restore” some law and if you don’t accept this demands then you could be faced to revolution.

In one of my latest games I was faced to starting revolution and nothing happen to me. Let’s take look how to delay or prevent a revolution when you see a line with a hint of revolution.

Important is know what cause revolution

Primary you need to identify is what revolutionary wants. In my case I could see revolution to restore Interventionism which starts after I pass Laissez-Faire economy law and I turn mine country to economy grow/focus. So great question at start is if you could pass this law.

How looks starting revolution

Because if law which revolutionaries want you want then there isn’t problem and you just must start to focusing on this law. But in my case I don’t want pass Interventionism because I think that this will be step back in my current play

Best economy system? Interventionism / Laissez-Faire / Agrarianism / Cooperative Ownership which is one is best? – read more about economy systems.

If you don’t have enough information you could hover the revolution and see which laws makes problems I highlighted problematic law with left yellow arrow. In same popup you could see that how much army could revolutionize against you with blue arrow.

So could be great strategy to increase power of your part of army that pretends to join the revolution to gain an advantage when the fighting starts. However, I haven’t tried this yet, I’m a bit afraid that there might be some other problems. You could also increase power of your army which won’t be part of revolution.

What revolutionaries want

More important for facing/delay revolution is watch from what came support to revolution. You could hover Radicalism number in demands in which you could see who supports the revolution. There you could see how much interest groups supports this change and also how much radicals support.

Radicals support revolution

Revolution need radicals to start. But if your nation doesn’t have radicals then you doesn’t have problems. Radicals could came to your nation with low living standards and also by discrimination. So you probably know what I do against revolution.

Tips to stop revolution

Mine best way to stop revolution before it starts is increase standards of living. So after it there more people will be happy and will be less likely to radicalize. Now depends what cause low standards of livings. Some problems could be with high taxes so lovering taxes could helps to increase standards of livings because people will have more money to spend them. Also you could remove consumption taxes.

Poor standards of living? I’ve written for you guide in which I explain how standars of living mechanics works and how to increase them – read more.

If you lower taxes or you can’t lower taxes. Then you need to lower prices of goods which your pops need because if they could buy what they need then they will be more satisfied. Also you could remove discrimination by changing population laws or you could decrease number of subsistance farms which you have in your nation and more people will work and get more money so SOL is increase. But this ways takes more time and if you can’t perform tips which I show you before then you probably doesn’t have time.

And if you doesn’t have time then what I said above applies you must harm part of army which revolution will get and be ready to internal war. Standards of living are really powerful and it’s the best thing you can work on.

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