What to do after you conquer state in Victoria 3?

You are on conquering mission, you have strong army and you conquer surroundings states but what to do when you conquer states. States have high turmoil and high devastation and you need to act. In todays guide I will show you what to do if you conquer new state.

First of all you need to check infrastructure levels if you have low infrastructure levels and you build more buildings then you could spin the death spiral. And it will gradually get more expensive to build in that location until you don’t build the railway/port that increases the infrastructure.

Also 100% market access increase availability of goods and decrease prices. So in target country will increase standards of living faster. Rather than having a supply problem. And as we know, higher standards of living have a big impact on how many radicals rise in the target state.

Conquered state and problems which has


Second what you must do is adds decrees to your new states. For me works well Violent Suppression which adds -50% of Penalties from Turmoil bad thing is that you will have increased mortality caused by Turmoil. But less penalties is better for you because you will get more resources/money from target state.

Decree Violent Suppression

If you conquer state with which you doesn’t have compatibility of cultures then you need to add Promote National Values. This will increase Assimilation and Conversion which can mitigate discrimination problems.


Second thing what you must do is “incorporate” states. This will cost you a lot of bureaucracy but in finish you won’t have problems with turmoil and devastation and they will become a full member of your country. Bellow you could see how incorporated works and what increase.

If you have unincorporated state then you have -33% expected standard of living, also you will have -50% pop political strength, -25% infrastructure and -50% conscription battalions. Also you get less resources from this states.

Incorporating states and what it mean
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