Paradox Announcement Show – Mar 6th 2023

One of biggest event for strategy gamer is there. In next Monday there will be a big event in which Paradox Interactive will show plans and games for the near future. What to expect and where to watch these event? Let’s start!

Trailer for Paradox Announcement Show
Source: Official youtube channel

What expect from PAS?

Let’s start what people from Paradox said…

We’ve got big news!
3 new games, 4 new expansions, gameplay reveals, and updates! Colossal Order, Harebrained Schemes, Paradox Tectonic, and the whole Paradox family of studios will be there. Tune in here on March 6 at 18:00 CET.

… so 3 new games and 4 new expansions which show us gameplay sounds really great. From official site we could see that there are all PDX studios. But to be fair there are studios that PDX primarily work with, so I’m guessing we won’t see a new HOI5

Information for event from Paradox Interactive
Source: oficial site

Colossal Order

… but what to expect. First main information is that Colossal Order returns which means that we will probably get new simulation/strategy game from urban environment. They are well known for Cities in Motion and from Cities: Skylines so I expect new sequel Cities: Skylines 2 because current version is quite old (since 2015) and probably don’t support big steps in game development.

Also developers from my point of view are gradually running out of things to add to the game because they currently have 50 DLC behind them. And a lot of things have already been done by the mods community. So there is some space for a significant step forward here.

Harebrained Schemes

Another thing which we could expect is new title Harebrained Schemes. They are good in RTS games which are characterized with future themes like cyberpunk. We should expect game focused more on storyline. Something to follow up the successful BATTLETECH game.

Paradox Tectonic

The last new game will be probably announced from Paradox Tectonic. When you search for some information about this studios you don’t find much information but when I’m looking on Linkedin I could see that this studio has 12 people and Art Director working in these studios four years and two months. So proabbably they are in in an advanced state of development.

It’s going to be a simulation, some people on reddit are saying we might get an alternative to the Sims, but again beware there are only 12 people working on it and I don’t know if that’s enough people for an alternative. Anyway, we’re getting something new from a new studio and there’s a good chance it’ll be a hit.

Which gameplay we will see?

Definitely we will get gameplay on Surviving the Abyss from Paradox Arc because they announce this game for 2023. And also we probably will see Age of Wonders 4 gameplay which will be available on May this year.

Which extension could be announced?

In mine opinion we probably get new DLC to Victoria 3 we have been promised these expansions since the beginning, I pre-ordered the game myself and they promised us more content in the pre-order.

On these event will be someone from Europa Universalis IV. But I don’t have enough experience about these game because I play mostly CK3 / VIC3. I think that latest DLC for EUIV was in September so is space to announce some bigger i think.

Last speculation that we will could get new DLC for Crusader Kings III which have latest pack in latest September but when I watch for reviews they are “mostly negative” so can we expect developers to want to repair their reputations?

Paradox Announcement Stream

If you need you could watch announcement show on our website. On YouTube link bellow you could see prepared livestream. The show will start on Mar 6th at 18:00 CET or 17:00 GMT or 09:00 PT. Reserve you seat in first line. Paradox is specialized on strategy games and we should view new great games.

Official livestream on YouTube – Alternative you could watch it on Twitch.

I will watch these stream and I will update articles about announced games. Mine main focus will be about Cities Skylines 2 but we’ll see what’s in store for us. Maybe Paradox will surprise and we will see HOI5?

Let’s be surprised. 🙂

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