Services for industrial zones in Cities Skylines

How to support industry in Cities Skylines and how to increase their level, these may be good questions. In the game, two main factors determine how your industry will grow. It depends on Average education level of workers and the Service coverage score. In today’s article, we will look at how to improve your industry zones.

Average education level of workers

The very first main factor is education and its level. If you have more educated workers, they will need more complex factories, so there will be pressure for upgrading levels.

If you see something like this, you must focus on education

Education in Cities Skylines is easy to understand. You must look at your education levels in education tabs. Simply put, each person needs to be educated. If you overeducate your people, then yellow zones will not be suitable for your people and you will have to build offices.

Education stats

At the start of a new city, every citizen is “uneducated” at first. As your city grows, the number of educated people will increase. This will depend on you how much you plan to upgrade your education. Keep in mind that a low education level may cause problems in your commercial zones.

Therefore you must balance these levels as much as possible. When I start, I usually build the yellow zones first and then open the offices. If I need work for uneducated people, I build specific industry zones from DLC industries.

Service coverage score

Another factor is so-called service coverage score. If you build more services for your industrial zones, they will have the impuls to grow. Speaking of number, there are some factors that help more and less…

Building services in industrial sectors may help a lot

… those numbers are different for offices and for classic yellow zones. Therefore, take care to optimize the best factors at a given time. Below you can see my factors I used for my industrial sector…

Service NameIndustrial FactorOffice Factor
Cargo Transport+10
Fire Department+0.5+0.2
Public Transport+0.333+0.333
Police Department+0.2+0.2
Health Care+0.2+0.2
Death Care+0.2+0.2
Elementary School+0.125+0.143
High School+0.125+0.143
Noise Pollution-0.143-0.25
Ground Pollution-0.167-0.25
Table from official wiki

🚀 Tips on what to do if you want to strengthen the industry sector

In the list below, there are final tips on what to do if you want to boost levels of your industry or office buildings:

  1. Work on higher education in your city.
  2. Remove ground pollution from your zone.
  3. Destroy all abandoned buildings fast.
  4. Build a cargo terminal (train / ship) to boost the yellow industry sector.
  5. Build a fire department in your industry zone.
  6. Connect your industrial zones with residential zones by public transportation.
  7. Provide enough Police / Health / Deathcare.
  8. Build some parks near industrial zones.
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