Urban centers in Victoria 3

Urban centers are important part for us. They provide “services” and because they are one of biggest expenses of your population then decreasing prices of services could increase standards of livings significantly faster than optimizing advanced raw materials.

How are urban center builded?

Urban centers are builded automatically based on urbanization levels so we can’t influence them. There is rule that 100 levels of urbanization points mean 1 level of your urban centers. Levels of urbanization grows when you build other buildings. How amount of urban points per building you will get is different and depends on groups.

Details of urbanization points in urban centers

Bellow you could find all important groups of buildings in Victoria 3 and how much urbanization points will provide you. To increase urbanization points is best when you build advanced buildings.

Buildings typesUrbanization points
Heavy industry30
Light industry20
Arts academy20
Government buildings20
Power plants20
Oil extractions10
Construction sector5
Farms, Ranching5
Plantations, Rubber5
Whaling, fishing5
Trade center5
Conscription centers0
Table with details about urbanization points

When are urbanization centers important?

Urbanization centers are important in middle and late game phases because as I mention this centers are important to lower prices of services. If you have problems with prices of services that they are low and urban centers aren’t profitable so you must subsidize them. Then you could lower production methods here and increase how much services you have.

Optimization of urban centers and affects on services.

How to boost urban centers outputs?

We talked about middle and late game phases. But you could have problems in early game phases when you doesn’t have paper. Or you don’t have enough coal / glass to increase production methods.

Then you could use Decrees called Encourage Manufacturing Industry which will increase throughput by +25% so you will get more services with current prices. To find where to use this decrees you could use buildings tab in which you could find where you have most urban centers.

Urban centers details
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