Unrecognized power in Victoria 3

In Victoria 3 are “country ranks” which determines things like maneuvers in diplomatic plays and shows how important is your nation. In my today’s article we will look more deeply on unrecognized power and I will show you what you could do to be have normal country ranks.

Introduction to unrecognized power

Unrecognized power could it may sound terrible, but if you use this country ranks well then you could grow with your country in early phases of game significantly faster than other more developed countries. You may have some restrictions, but at the same time other countries might not be so “aggressive” on you.

One of problem is less maneuvers as I mentioned, but also you could declare less interests (this you should increase), also as a less known country you will have more expensive debt and also you will have slower research but you have less infamy as attacker which is great when you wan’t play aggressive to other unrecognized countries and also you will have lower diplomatic actions costs. So you could declare more diplomatic plays and wars until some bigger nation will go against you.

Best unrecognized countries to play

From unrecognized countries there are a lot of “small countries” localized in Africa / Middle East or Far East. Unrecognized countries are complicated to play because they don’t have enough background for growth like great level of research or people.

But you could find some countries which are already developed. They have people and you will enjoy game with this games. Great unrecognized countries could be: Egypt, Japan, Zulu, China. This countries are also very popular in the community and you can find a lot of content on how to play them.

How to be recognized by others?

Diplomatic play and after that war. You have to fight for a place among the most important countries in the world. In particular, if you play for the Unrecognized Major Power, so you this way will be definitely interesting for you.

Simply you have to beat someone from great power. First you have to choose a specific diplomatic play called “Force Recognition” and after diplomatic play there will be war.

Where to find force recognition diplomatic play
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