Welcome to Quriocity, a genre of space colony builders

Quriocity has been in early access since October 2022 and today releases its first full game on PC. According to what Oxeliz Games claims on their website, they are “the best in strategy games”. We can only look forward to what such a game will bring. So take a look at what Quriocity brings to us – strategy game lovers.

Your goal in Quriocity is to create a colony on another planet…

What does the game look like? Source: Stream

…As you can see, you will have a strong civilizational and technological background. Therefore, your main goal will be to use it to your advantage in order to survive and expand. The main features are:

  • Building in clusters around the main building
  • Process, resources and space optimization
  • Expansion to other sectors with more resources
  • Continuous population expansion
  • Campaigns, survival mode and sandbox on five planets
  • Unpredicted events, research, disasters
  • High customization possibilities

After watching the trailer, check out the Stream, where you can buy the game for $19.99 or €19.50. The game doesn’t have many players, and we haven’t had a opportunity ourselves because we don’t have an available PC with Windows. Also, the game isn’t available on GeForce Now or MacBook. The reviews so far look positive (but they are few). If you want to experiment and try something new, try it!

As the game becomes better known and available, we will gradually add more games to the new Currently Published section. Also, if you know of another strategy game you are interested in and will be released soon, just drop us an email.

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