Which country play first and last in Victoria III?

Let’s take look on countries and two question which country play first and which country play last? Because this decision will greatly affect how you perceive the game. This article is part of our special about Victoria III.

The developers have prepared a “learn the game” mode in which it is possible to learn the basics of the game, when you will be pulled a little by the hand. Some parts may be slightly repetitive, but from what I understand each state is in a different situation and you don’t always learn something different.

If you want to learn Victoria III, I recommend going through the full tutorial and playing as:

  • Sweden
  • Belgium
  • Chile
  • Cape Colony

Because these are the states that the developers have prepared for us and we can expect that this path will be the best for new players. You will definitely learn everything that is important – especially how the developers intended the game from the beginning.

Learn the game counties in Victoria III

Which states play first?

Once you have the basic countries (which you should start with), take a look at the other scenarios before you head to the full sandbox and pick a country from each. In total, the following directions are available in the game:

  • Economy Dominance
    • United States
    • Great Britain
    • Ottoman Empire
    • Brazil
Economic Dominance in Victoria III
  • Hegemony
    • Prussia
    • Spain
    • Jappanese Shogunate
    • Egypt
Hegemony scenario in Victoria III
  • Egalitarian Society
    • France
    • Russia
    • Great Qing
    • Mexiko
Egalitarian society scenario in Victoria III

I have a favorite in each direction, so I’ll definitely play the game a few times for each direction. But I’m also really looking forward to the sandbox in which I’ll play the countries that aren’t available here.

Besides the ones already mentioned above, I’m looking forward to Czechoslovakia when Austria allows it (alternate history) and I believe some smaller South American country like Peru/Argentina or then Canada might be interesting.

In the game there are powerful countries that have great potential and where the game will be complex and when you get it right so you will enjoy the power really. And don’t worry when the achievements are available and I have played the game a bit so I’ll show you some interesting objectives to play.

Which country to play last?

I’d have play Great Britain as the last one. After all, I haven’t played as Britain in Hearts of Iron IV yet either. In short, Britain is practically a winnable game. You’ll have colonies, industry will boom for you and if you don’t reach out somehow this will be a very chill country.

The article was updated on 25.10.2022 at 22:50 after first experience with the game.

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