All buildings in Victoria III

After the article about resources, let’s look at the buildings in Victoria III. This article is part of an economic wiki I have been working on and it will be added once it’s finished over the coming weeks/months.

Types of buildings that are in Victoria III

There are currently 4 groups of buildings…

  • Urban
  • Rural
  • Development
  • Construction

… and you will have to build these buildings and continuously balance them to keep your economy running. As you can see below, I have created lists of buildings from currently available materials. Feel free to check and I will update the details of each building as soon as I have access to the game.

Urban buildings

These buildings are linked to cities as the centres of your country. You will have to build factories and the most needed buildings you can imagine here.

  • Food Industries
  • Textile Mills
  • Furniture Manufactories
  • Glassworks
  • Tooling Workshops
  • Paper Mills
  • Chemical Plant
  • Steel Mills
  • Motor Industries
  • Shipyard
  • Arms Industries
  • Munition Plants
  • Urban Center
  • Government Administration
  • University

Rural buildings

These buildings produce basic raw materials such as food and coal. Moreover, for most of the time, you’ll need to use these buildings to make more complex goods. What’s interesting here is that Subsistence Farms and Subsistence Orchards are built automatically and are worked by people who don’t have jobs elsewhere.


  • Rye Farm
  • Wheat Farms
  • Rice Farms
  • Maize Farms
  • Millet Farms
  • Livestock Ranches
  • Subsistence Farms
  • Subsistence Orchards



  • Coffee Plantations
  • Tea Plantations
  • Tobacco Plantations
  • Sugar Plantations
  • Banana Plantations
  • Cotton Plantations

Fishes and sea

  • Fishing Wharves
  • Whaling Stations

Others rural buildings


These buildings don’t produce many goods. On the other hand, they can bring you soldiers or upgrade your infrastructure. After the basic development buildings, there are some special buildings as well.


  • Barracks
  • Conscription Center
  • Naval Base


Special buildings:

  • Skyscraper
  • The Eiffel Tower
  • Big Ben
  • Mosque of Djanne
  • Statuse of Liberty
  • Suez Canal
  • Panama Canal

How does the construction of the buildings proceed?

The last building type is construction. You can find only one building here, so-called the “construction sector”. This building brings the answer to how fast and efficiently are you able to build your buildings. It makes sense to look at how many resources you have at the beginning and see if you can save profits/goods costs somewhere…

Specs of construction sector [YouTube]

… in case you can, you will be able to start building these special buildings to increase the speed of the whole process. If we want to get back to the building itself, there is one queue in the game that you will be able to queue buildings into.

However, beware that you will not be able to build unlimited construction in the sector, as these buildings will consume resources that you as a country will have to pay for or provide in other ways. Be also aware of the fact that the tactic which works for HOI4 (ala building civilian factories for a long time and then expanding) will not work in Victoria III.

More about the construction sector and how it works?

What are the limitations of rural buildings?

As I mentioned in my article on resources, in each place there is a limited number of rural buildings you are able to build. It means that there should never be the case of you having unlimited buildings and it can be a kind of struggle to limit production.

Detail of states [YouTube]

As the picture shows, in one of England states can be built up to 116 rural buildings at the same time. The following farms will be built on undeveloped sites that produce some of the base. However, it also means that they consume them straight away…

Specification of subsistence farms [YouTube]

I also have to mention that at the beginning of the game, most of the world lives in Subsistence Farms and the country that manages to get out of this situation as quickly as possible will have a big advantage. It simply has the potential to become one of the strongest.

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