Not enough customers in Cities Skylines

One of problems of abandoned in Cities Skylines is not enough customer. In todays article I will show you what helps me to prevent this problem and how to solve it if you had it. I hope that mine tips will helps you and you’ll never be short of customers again.

Where is problem comes?

This problems came when your stores doesn’t have customers which should buy in them. Usually this problem is made when you had long distance to commercial zones. In mine experience and in mine cities this problems came when I build commercial zones on edges of city and there aren’t enough pops to shops there.

How looks problem not enough customers in Cities Skylines

The problem with not enough customers have green icon as you could see bellow. And this icon could be just on some units of buildings and your problems will be small but if there will be districts full of buildings with this icon you will have larger problem.

How solve not enough customers in Cities Skylines?

There are several ways how to solve problems with not enough customers. If your problems are large and a lot of buildings have problems with not enough customers you will have problem with city planning.

This problems came when you don’t follow one of basic rules of Cities Skylines that 1️⃣ you must build commercial zone in centers of your cities. Commercial zones must be accessible by walking from as many locations as possible. So I personally build big streets with commercial zones on the sides of them and then I create smaller streets from these big streets where people live or work.

So from side streets are mine 2️⃣ commercial zones available by walk and there will be a lot of people. I’ve trying to build parks at near them. Because there will be more people. And 3️⃣ this big streets I’ve connect with other places in city with public transport.

0️⃣ Not overbuild commercial zones

In Cities Skylines are these three boxes which identify which type of zones you must build. If you will have problem with not enough customers and in you middle box you will see commercial blue. Then you must rebuild your commercial zones.

They will be probably located in bad part of your city and in other part are more people which need shopping. So if you have problem with customers don’t build new but focus on rebuild what you have.

1️⃣ City planning and layout

There is one of mine layouts from article about what to do first in Cities Skylines? As you could see I had main pink road and around sides I’ve build commercial zones. So they are available from residential zones…

… bellow you could see how layout in which I won’t have problem with not enough customers.

2️⃣ Availability of walk

One of main factor is walk distance from resident zones. As I’ve mention in city planing part. Put commercial and resident zones together. They must work side by side.

Don’t build districts where are just commercial zones. That’s the road to hell. You must work with sidewalks, parks which makes connections so people can find their way to the shops as quickly as possible.

3️⃣ Public transport

Build buses, trams or metro to connect your biggest streets. If some people will have longer distance to shops they will transport to another part of your city to shopping. Don’t just focus on your local public transports. You want to have tourists which will boost your shops in center.

Conclusion and tips at the end:

There are main question which if you will folows you will solve problem with not enough customers in Cities Skylines:

  • Do you build commercial zones near residential zones?
  • Do you build commercial zones in your cities center?
  • Do you build lines of public transport inside your city?
  • Do you have parks and enough walkable routes?

If you combine all the tips above and develop your city properly I believe you will have no problems with lack of customers.

I'm Martin, the main creator of this site. I love city builders, transport, and war strategy games. So I create this site to share my love with others! Let's make Tycoon games great again!