Building railway guide for Victoria 3

If you need increase infrastructure / market access in state which isn’t seaside then you need to build railway or in case you need transportation. In mine today article I will show you what do you need to do. And how to implement railway in country which isn’t prepared for it on start of Victoria 3.

Why do you need build railway?

As I mention in intro you need build railway if you…

  • need improve infrastructure levels (1 level of railway garants 20 levels)
  • need increase market access (this is super speed way)
  • need transport good for increase standard of living

Before you could build railway you need to research Railway research. This research you could from start. For me I’ve doing this update when I see that I will need to increase infrastructure rapidly. You need to have strong supply of coal.

What do you need to build railway?

To build one level of railway you need 0,25 motor industries. In base railway need 10 trains and one motor industries produce 40 trains per one level. Bellow I have some tips on buildings / steps which you must do if you want build trains.

0,25 motor industries level = 1 railway level

Motor industries

Before you start building railway you must start with motor industries which build steams/trains which will operate your railway connection. Before you build motor industries will be great to build steelmills because you need produce steal to produce trains…

How look building motor industries

… if you don’t have steel then your motor industries won’t work. So I’m recommend you building these buildings at the same time to prevent a factory from not working at all. If you already have a strong construction sector at this stage so I recommend building at least one railway to have a sales.


When you have builded motor industries so you produce trains then you need to build railway. Keep in mind that one motor indutries generate engines for 4 railway. So you could build two railways at start and the rest you could keep in case you need level infrastructure.

How look building railway

When we will talk about expansion. If you will need more railway then you must build motor industries. Is good when you export some engines. So you could continuously expand production. Another recommendation I can give you is to have strong coal mines. Because the railroad needs coal. So infrastructure first and then the railroad.

Keep in mind that the early adopter of the railroad gets a big bonus in prestige, since nobody works with the railroad to begin with. So it can be a way to kick-start your country and move it up the rankings.

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